So why don’t all brands work this way?

Three reasons why the visual lab dip process is awesome:

– You like to send and receive packages (who doesn’t?!)

– It’s exciting not knowing if you receive the color you requested

– Many of our customers are color blind so the color on our final products doesn’t have to match anyway

Money, time, color accuracy, and nature. The four reasons why you should eliminate your visual lab dip process and transfer to digital color communication.

Physical color standards have changed to digital color standards and visual color assessment have changed to digital color assessment because faster color development and execution allow retailers and brands to be quicker and closer to trends.

So why don’t all retail and brand companies work this way? We have put together a FAQ where you can read the answer to this and more frequently asked questions by retailers and brands who are new to digital color communication.

Click here to read all the questions & answers.


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