Get to know our DNA


Efficiency and sustainability matched with anticipated and managed risks opportunities

Our field-knowledge, skills and passion allow us to understand the design and manufacturing processes, as well as building meaningful industry changing software for transparency and proactive workflows. We provide insights to continuous improvements throughout the textile supply chain.


A specialist team with an independent back of office function 

We hope you are looking for a partner who is curious enough to ask the right questions and listen to your challenges. While being large enough to provide global service coverage, with our head office in Switzerland and offices in Europe, USA and Asia, we are small enough to move quickly in delivering all your requirements. Let our global network and industry experience with several of the leading bigger and smaller brands, retailers, and suppliers serve you well.


Individual and connected services 

Take advantage of our expertise and decades of worldwide on-site experience in textile production (including leather, synthetic leather, and plastic), dyeing and finishing technology, including IT system development, as well as transferring the knowhow to efficiently and sustainably complete production. Each of our color management services and quality compliance is connected but can also stand-alone.


Global relationship return on investment 

We believe in textile supply chains where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, with quality built into the design and sustainability naturally included.