Where does our name and logotype come from?

Our name
The name natific derives from the two words nature and scientific. Where nature stands for “care for the nature and all living species”, and scientific stands for “building and organizing knowledge in the form of testable explanations and predictions about the universe” (i.e. well anticipated and managed risks and opportunities).

natific [nat]
    care for the nature and all living species                                              

natific [tific]    building and organizing knowledge in the form of testable                        
                         explanations and predictions about the universe

Our logotype

The green and white stripes in the logotype illustrate the genetics, the DNA, of a textile supply chain. Interlacing system solutions (the white stripe) with textile industry experts (the green stripe) within the key area color management and quality compliance.

The logotype also illustrates the possibility to overview the supply chain performance and to go inside the supply chain to shape the genetic structure.

Supply chains are in constant movement,                            Supply chains demand actions, efficiency and sustainability
open transparency need system solutions                            is created by proactive and improvement work on-site