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APS Global LLC is a garment manufacturer working with fabric suppliers around the globe. In a world where time is money, APS doesn’t want to spend time asking their suppliers about their status and reminding them to send paperwork and test reports. With the ColorWarehouse Network, APS see a saving potential of 95% of their handling time. It also helps them with shade variations and to build stronger relationships with their partners. Read the full case study here.


“I really appreciate the work that you are directing at natific to meet our color management goals. The visual screens and informational views that you are developing for us are going to make a big difference in the way we understand our color conformance. I especially liked the color coded scatter plot showing the accumulative dyeings by supplier. That will be an excellent tool for any quality manager viewing the information to make the best and most pragmatic decision regarding lot by lot acceptance. They’ll be better able to understand how to help us ensure consistency of color.”
/ N.N., Head of QC, global sports brand (2016)

“Because of the time saving, we can concentrate on enhancing more sophisticated quality of color and fabric. All-in-all we can certainly recommend the CAP and natific’s software. We rate the expertise of natific engineers as "Best-Practice" knowhow. It has indeed been challenging for us to receive a CAP level-3 rating, but it was worth all the effort as the benefits are significant.”

/ Mr. Kyoo-Bong, Kim, Senior Vice President, Colorland Co., Dongduchun City Korea (2015)

"natific is our go to company regarding color validation and confirmation of what is technically achievable. Together with natific, we have reduced the cancellation rate of color lab dips, fully standardized our color process, pushed suppliers to test the boundaries and built a state of the art lab space in our office.”

/ Andrea Cilona, Color Manager, Lululemon Athletica (2016)

"We fully embrace the CAP and ColorWarehouse software. When we got the initial CAP accreditation our performance of dye house and lab has improved in many different areas, such like selection of dyes stuff and better controlled shade matching. Proper utilization of the spectrophotometers by our dye house manager and laboratory manager has improved our production a lot and our people are now more confident to use the equipment for better accuracy. Due to the natific CAP accreditation, our other customers have advantages in all field of textile wet processing.”
/ Mr. Muhammad Hamid, Deputy General Manager, Beximco Textile Ltd., Dhaka, Bangladesh (2014)

”We had issues regarding the transparency of information from several of our suppliers and they were quite skeptical when we introduced an external partner. However the attitude from our suppliers changed to the opposite after only one visit by natific. natific’s hands on feedback solved the quality issues in an early stage in the production, which resulted in an improved production flow and higher quality in the products. It was easy for our suppliers to see their own gains from natific’s visit.” 
/ Erik Öhlund, Product Developer Footwear, Icebug (2013)

“Please remind to all the skeptical ones, that I was skeptical too. And it has been super worth investment in CAP and I was wrong. One may think about CAP as just a away to avoid sending the lab dips and bulk approvals… but that’s the least of the advantages. It is a way to “normalize” your entire production and approaching different problems/customers/fabrics with the same perspective.“ 
/ Francesco Pilenga, Director ejecutivo, Pettenati Centro America S.A. de C.V. (2015)

”We receive valuable information from natific’s reports that are both professional and easy to understand. natific are quick with feedback and have a great login at their homepage. It is obvious that natific found defects that wasn’t noted by our suppliers.”
/ Kristin Roos, Production Manager, Odd Molly (2012)

“All our people and management believe natific engineers are industry experts embracing best practices in both textile dyeing and finishing technology as well as in transferring their know how to sustainable solutions. We can really recommend natific to any other company. We especially save time and cost in lab dip preparation, in dye-lot approval timing, and significantly reduced FEDEX/DHL courier costs. All-in-all, our company-wide color approval process is now set up more systematically and therefore executed more efficient.”
/ Mrs. Selina Xiao, Manager Sales, Kunshan Lily Textile Co., Ltd., China (2014)