A natific case study


APS Global LLC wanted to see their fabric supplier’s result

APS Global LLC in California produce clothing for leading apparel companies word-wide. Their manufacturing plants in El Salvador and Mexico primarily focus on performance apparel.

Executive Summary

APS Global LLC is a garment manufacturer working with fabric suppliers around the globe. In a world where time is money, APS doesn’t want to spend time asking their suppliers about their status and reminding them to send paperwork and test reports.

When APS was introduced to natific’s web based system the ColorWarehouse Network, they fell in love with the possibility to immediate and live “just click and see” their fabric supplier’s production status and their color and quality results before the fabric reaches their factory.

APS see a saving potential of 95% of their handling time. It also helps them with shade variations and to build stronger relationships with their partners.


The team at APS need the fabric supplier’s test reports with color and quality results for each batch. It’s a constant follow-up and takes a lot of time, says Jeanne Paule from APS Global LLC.

If the fabric supplier didn’t send the paperwork and test reports, we needed to ask and remind them. And if the supplier’s spectrophotometer reading were different than our readings, we needed to track this manually with the different fabric suppliers.

APS wanted to find a solution to move away from the time-consuming constant follow-up.

Jeanne says that she had never seen a solution that can resolve their challenges like natific’s ColorWarehouse Network.

APS is able to see real-time status with natific’s ColorWarehouse feature "ColorWarehouse Network"

APS Global LLC signed up for the ColorWarehouse Network with the help of natific. It was easy to get started and a great experience working with natific, says Jeanne.

The labs at APS, their brand customers, quality auditing teams, and suppliers benefit from the simple way of sharing production data, approval forms, and testing data. The system is quick, live and hands-on.

The diagram above illustrates how different partners in a supply chain are connected through the feature ColorWarehouse Network in natific's system ColorWarehouse.

This favourite function helps to solve one of the biggest coloration issues

One of the functions that APS appreciate the most is the ability to sort colors by multiple fabric suppliers. We can sort and see different suppliers together and see if they are close enough in shade to make sure there will not be any shade variation in the garment.

Jeanne is also thrilled about the function where she can view the graphs for a particular color and see the different dye lots, indicating if a supplier is moving in a specific direction.

Are you evaluating time saving options in your textile supply chain?

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