What is the color fast track and what benefits can you expect?

We know how crucial it is for you to get the correct color and quality compliant garments to the stores efficiently. natific's products and services have been designed to help global brands and retailers manage the complete color and quality lifecycle of a product.

Do you recognise this? It's about avoiding it...

It’s about creating consistent shades in close tolerances over multiple batches.

natific's color management and quality compliance services allow brands and retailers to truly connect and empower the supply chain.

It starts at the design and development stage…
A color that is feasible in production is crucial. Our color feasibility analysis allows you to know if a color is realistic in production before your color request is sent to the supplier (only buying a commercial color standard is not enough). Feasible color and quality requirements are then sent digitally to the supplier through our color development system ASAP.

ASAP has the ability to manage the creation, assessment, communication processing and reporting on color development requests of any kind. It is designed for fast execution and up to the minute status tracking, with no need to send any physical swatches.

…and then goes into production
We have developed the system ColorWarehouse to track ongoing production. The ColorWarehouse allows you as a brand or retailer to compare results on the same shade from multiple suppliers and on multiple fabric types.

You may also run reports on supplier performance and get monthly production summaries with the color results for each production batch for all production that can be measured digitally. This is generally a good portion of the production. The ColorWarehouse can also support the collection of testing data for each production batch.

You will know how well your final products will look and match in the store, before the fabric is shipped to your garment manufacturer.

Working with continuous improvements to take your production to the next level
To enable brands/retailers and their suppliers to work toward self-approval, natific started the Color Accreditation Program (CAP). The accreditation validates the mills capabilities to match colors in the lab to your specified tolerance and then to run production and maintain production to your specified tolerance.

When your mill is trained and accredited using the Color Accreditation Program, it allows the mill to manage lab dip and bulk production by self-approving your specified requests. Shade variations and quality compliance are monitored and communicated within the supply chain using natific’s online ColorWarehouse system.

You might be half way there already
If any of your vendors and suppliers is digitally approving colors already (many do or have the possibility to do so), you can capitalize on investments already made.

Enlarge the picture to see the difference between the natific fast track and the traditional color path, including savings at each step throughout the production process.

Benefits our customers have experienced
Several leading global supply chains have selected our systems and on-site expertise and have progressed from the traditional (slow) way of handling colors throughout their supply chains.

The feedback from our all our brand/retailer and supplier customers that use our color management systems and services say that they save time and money, together with increased quality, while organically supporting their sustainability goals. Our customers experience:

- Higher efficiency and shorter lead time
- Great saving of airfreight charges, extra labor, re-dyeing and re-work
- Improved managing and resolving of root-cause color errors
- Better focus on the quality of the color, fabric and end-product

You can use one of our systems or everything to enable faster color execution and transparency into your production results.

Curious how to get started? Contact us at support@natific.com and let us know that you would like to learn more! You might want take natific's color test and find out how good you are with colors throughout your supply chain, take the test here.