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The color data sharing just expanded to a whole new level
Dyehouses using the natific web based system ColorWarehouse will soon be able to share production results with customers such as garment manufacturers.

The new function ColorWarehouse Network will greatly increase visibility throughout the supply chain. Within the ColorWarehouse Network, you will be able to enjoy a simple way of sharing production data, approval forms, and testing data.
Invite your garment manufacturers

ColorWarehouse users will see the above new icon in the ColorWarehouse in the coming days. By clicking on the icon, you will be able to invite your customers to view production data and access the Network in your ColorWarehouse.
How you can join the ColorWarehouse Network
Any customers of ColorWarehouse users can subscribe to the ColorWarehouse Network by signing up at natific's portal

More info to come
The ColorWarehouse Network is currently in the last testing phase by selected dyehouses and garment manufacturers. You will receive instructions and subscription details in the near future.

Are you new to the system ColorWarehouse? Read about our web based system here and learn how you can bring color consistency to the stores. Or contact our support team at with any questions or to request a demo.

UPDATE! Read the latest announcement of the ColorWarehouse Network here.

CASE STUDY: APS Global LLC uses ColorWarehouse Network in a case study seeing a potential savings of 95% of their time. Read the full case study here


It's now possible to create intelligent color networks along the entire supply chain that can control each color process autonomously.

natific’s CLM systems communicate and cooperate with each other and with humans in real time via the Internet allowing both internal and cross-organizational data and services to be used by participants in the supply chain.

Read more HERE to find out how you can manage the complete
lifecycle of your colors, from design concept to customer, interlinked with your existing PLM for a simple workflow.

Contact Doug Bynum at for more information about natific CLMTM


To all CAP Mills out there – you can now become a CAP Mill of Excellence.

No more on-site re-CAP for high performance mills
Today, the re-CAP normally takes place three years after your first CAP and then annually to renew your CAP Accreditation. From now, 90 days prior to the re-CAP you can be reviewed for qualification as a CAP Mill of Excellence.

This means that if you meet the CAP Mill Excellence requirements, you will NOT need an on-site re-CAP, – you are excellent! We will manage a remote check of your status and if you are performing at a high level, you will be able to be excluded from an on-site re-CAP accreditation.

CAP Mills meeting the requirements for the CAP Excellence Accreditation will realize some savings on the annual re-CAP based on your conformance with the CAP Excellence requirements listed below.

What you need to do to qualify
We will verify and confirm the following with you:
- Annual and valid equipment certifications for
- Spectrophotometers used for CAP measurement
- Light box certification
- Light bulb change logs
- Conditioner
- The most recent Guardian or Net Profiler spectrophotometer diagnostic check
- That conditioner or conditioning room is in place and operational

You need to meet the following CAP Mill Excellence color performance requirements in the ColorWarehouse:
- Your annual performance must be at a CAP Level 4 or 5 (excluding measurements for whites)
- Your Data Hygiene must be at 98% or higher
- Metameric samples must be zero compared to specified tolerances
- FSRR Production samples are compared to the approved VLD, FSRR lab dip or FOP sample and are properly named in the ColorWarehouse

If you do not meet the CAP Mill Excellence level, you will undergo the normal on-site re-CAP for corrective action and additional training. Meaning: better luck next year!

Would you like to be one of the first CAP Mill’s of Excellence? Effective date March 1, 2016. Contact our support team at for more details.

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