The future of on-site work

The Color Accreditation Program (CAP)

Imagine if it was no longer required to physically send lab dips or production swatches throughout the supply chain. A dye-house manager could go straight to production from the designer’s color idea without compromising on quality parameters such as fastness, brightness requirements and restricted substances.

natific's CAP program will allow mills to achieve maximum efficiency and sustainability throughout the supply chain.

Towards zero lab-dips
The CAP focus on color, material, lab and bulk production efficiency and sustainability with the goal to eliminate the need for lab dips. It allow mills to receive straight-to-production privileges. Our on-site color accreditation reduces color development time, time to market, and courier fees for everyone involved.

A Color Certification is the basic step to qualify the mill with the ability to move toward CAP in the future. natific color experts also carry out various projects, including support in new shade development, production execution, and engineering of new fabrics or products. We provide a great deal of remote support including recipe selection for specific shades, fastness improvement, and production shade consistency.

Manage your program via our web portal
Brand and retailers can use our Web Portal for a full overview of all suppliers, certification status, expiration dates, as well as accessing certification results. Information within the Portal can be exported to excel, filtered and organized to your requirements. This will help you keep track on your accreditation program.

Three steps to train your supply chain to eliminate lab dips:
1. Ask your mills to sign up for the CAP program online at
2. natific's technical color experts will carry out the on-site training
3. The mills uploads each color batch in the ColorWarehouse for you to track the color accuracy, precision and consistency

This mill is privileged to move straight to production without sending lab dips or first of production swatches.

Contact our support team at for more information.