Know and improve the outcome of your color quality

Color Feasibility & Optimized Standard Curve

Make sure that you don’t find out later in the production stage that the color and quality requirements you are after aren’t possible on a certain type of fiber or treatment.

It's common that dyers have trouble to match color standards sent to them from brands and retailers (yes, also commercial standards), which ultimately results in multiple submissions. You can easily prevent this by being proactive.

By using our Color Feasibility & Optimized Standard Curve service you can check for necessary adjustments before releasing them to your supply chain. natific's color management system will enable you to anticipate how the choice of colors, finishes, and textile materials (including leather, synthetic leather, and plastic) will most likely perform during the production.

Colors that cannot be achieved for either coloristic or quality performance reasons will be identified, and options will be proposed together with a feasible digital color standard (qtx-file).

Three steps to get the colors you want:
1. You decide for a color and material
2. We carry out a feasibility study and when needed adjust the reflectance curve to match your requirements
3. You send the digital feasible color standard to your supplier

To the left, how the color Radiant Orchid 18-3224 looks in various light sources. To the right, the reflectance data of Radiant Orchid together with an optimized reflectance curve that comes with exactly the same color in daylight but with a slightly better color constancy in shop light.

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