Empowered with skills

Color Standard Procedure & Professional Color Training

It's a delicate balance between the subjective need of the designer and the execution timing, accuracy, and precision of the sourcing team. That’s why we believe in educating brand/retail personnel with design, sourcing, and color responsibilities to understand current processes and technologies in color management, dyestuff, dyeing, color feasibility, and restricted substances. 

We can empower you with the knowledge of how to use the industry’s best practice in color techniques and help you write your preferred best practice (Standard Operation Procedure) to immediately improve efficiency.

Common training and workshop objectives
- Through colour vision tests appreciate the large degree of variability within normal colour vision
- Benchmark personal performance to professional industry standard of colour vision and assessment
- Insight to the physical and psychophysical influences of visual colour perception and color approval
- Understand and practically demonstrate the simple industry best practice methods that improve accuracy and consistency of visual colour assessment
- Insight in to digital colour specification, colour measurement, certification traceability, accuracy and limitations
- How to use a colour difference printout to support visual colour assessment
- Using dyers terms to communicate colour
- Confidence to apply new skills learnt
- Insight into the latest colour management systems available to support future business colour strategy

Three steps to empower yourself and your team:
1. Learn the basics of digital color standards and color communication
2. Create one single procedure (your new color approval procedure)
3. Communicate your new procedure to your supply chain partners

The training will help you avoid misunderstandings, multiple lab dips and unsatisfied customers.

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