Bring color consistency to the stores

The ColorWarehouse system

Standards, lab dips and first of production are by all means essential, but how is the shade variations for your bulk? How is it at a single point in time and does it change over time? Do your shade variations differ from supplier to supplier?

You can view the color accuracy (how well a color’s production matches the standard) and the color precision (the mill’s reproducibility) for all of your suppliers, colors, and fabrics in natific's online system ColorWarehouse.

Real-time access to your color quality
The ColorWarehouse allows you to compare the same color from multiple suppliers and to track color coordination and consistency for the first of production and all subsequent production lots. You and your supply chain partners can take immediate action on production that does not meet quality standards.

The system is also a valuable tool for dyeing operations. The dyeing facility can track performance by color, dyeing machine and fabric type. Trends in colors can be analyzed to inform the dyehouse on colors that may need process improvements or dye formulation adjustments.

You are able to evaluate the performance of each supplier using statistical analysis of production over a given time period. This will help you to make an objective assessment of the supplier’s quality. Supplier ranking reports is available for a comparison of peers in the supply matrix.

Why do brands, retailers and suppliers like the ColorWarehouse?

The most common reported feedback why our clients like the ColorWarehouse are:
- That all production data is in one place with no additional administration
- Secured data sharing with supply chain partners
- The immediate production data for fast real-time identification of issues
- It's quick and easy to install for immediate use

ColorWarehouse features
- View your color standards and compare with the bulk production results for all suppliers, colors and materials
- Monitor and track performance in real-time, with notifications send to you if any out of tolerance lots
- See in-time production runs versus their own arithmetic mean
- Share production performance throughout your supply chain
- Generate supplier ranking and production color summaries including historical data
- Etc.

Three steps to be sure about your color quality and consistency:
1. Sign up for ColorWarehouse online at and ask your supply chain partners to do the same
2. The dyers uploads each color batch in ColorWarehouse
3. You monitor and track each color batch in ColorWarehouse and receive out-of-tolerance notifications when you need to act on something urgent

The ColorWarehouse allows you to see your production lots before the fabric leaves to the garment manufacturer.

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