We are here to assist you in color technical solutions


Consulting Services

Today the most critical discussion items for fashion and sports brands are managing quality of color, color fastness, and speeding the development of color and product. Faster product execution is on every supply chain’s list of strategies. 

Some of our key consulting activities are color feasibility, color execution, review of problem colors, and fastness issues.

The support you need, when you need it
In order to simplify your ongoing work, we provide ongoing support on various projects without the need for developing service agreements on a project-by-project basis. These projects might include process improvements, efficiency improvements, training, external client support, etc.

We are available to assist you in technical solutions such as execution and engineering of new fabrics, guidance on manufacturing and best practices, and coordination between operations and customers for color approval and color correlation.

The following types of service and support are generally included in our consulting agreements:

  • Color quality data management
    Remote Support in managing quality of production
    Analysis of data
    Propose corrections as required 

  • Production remote support
    Provide knowledge support on manufacturing related matters, such as recipe correction, procedure monitoring, dye lot shade selection in knitting, construction etc.
    Continuous improvement

  • Support new shade development
    Communication link between Client and other Client customers as required
    New standards specification and verification of feasibility
    Colorant selection based on the program requirements
    Coordination between operations and Client customers for color approval and color correlation

  • New product or business development support
    Support of the customer in the development of new business
    Execution and engineering of new fabrics or products
    Defining the required specifications to manufacture a new fabric
    Mill capability assessments for potential alternate production paths 

  • Support by email and telephone
    Provide guidance on manufacturing and best practices

    General inquiries on best practices and recommendations
    Quality control

Contact our support team at support@natific.com for more information.