The secret to an efficient supply chain = 

On-line systems + On-site work

natific have specialists and advanced technology at every stage of the design and production process. Our systems are focused on meeting both current and future color execution needs. We support supply chain participants with expert technical resources and systems to be proactive, realize continuous improvements and stream-line color and quality processes.


Our on-line systems are specifically designed to provide a transparent link between the brand/retailer and the supply chain, where suppliers, vendors, mills, and trim suppliers can connect. Managing, monitoring, tracking and following up on color and quality requests and compliances can be carried out and implemented by everyone involved.

Examples of system features for real-time insight within the supply chain:
- Manage your complete color development request and production
 for suppliers, colors, and materials

- Store color sampling and lab dip developments, including print
 and patterning and quality requests for various materials

- Assign requests to suppliers, follow the status, monitor and 
track performance in real-time
- Carry out visual and digital color approval

- Highlight areas for improvements and set real-time alerts
- Color and quality data sharing throughout the supply chain

- Prediction capabilities throughout the supply chain
- Create reports, key statistics and check historical data by supplier, 
for a selected period of time, specific color, material etc.


Follow our yearly accreditation program (CAP), carry out a single audit, or request training or specific support for recommended solutions. The on-site service you and your supply chain need depends on where your company is on the color path, your budget and business goals. For example, if color certifications are new to your supply chain, you may start at a basic level and allow the suppliers to move up in level as their expertise grows.

Company specifics, international standards, local regulations and compliances, fiber, materials, processes and the overall context is taken into consideration when giving on-site or off-site support and improvement recommendations.

We don’t just fail a supplier, we teach and improve performance through 

audits and certifications, giving a “get well soon documentation.”

/ Beat Hofer, Head of Technical Operations, natific AG

Each of our color management services and products can stand alone but are also connected. Contact our support team at for more information.