About Us

natific is a privately-owned Swiss company with over a decade of experience creating unrivaled digital color technology in the textile industry. We simplify color processes through innovation in sustainable color technology and training.


Our Color Lifecycle Management tools help companies reduce design and production lead times and costs while increasing overall color compliance. 

natific’s software systems and services are designed to help global brands and retailers manage the end-to-end color lifecycle of a product. We focus on product development, production data collection, process improvement, and training within our clients’ organizations. Our services are focused on meeting both current and future color needs. 

Whether it’s monitoring lab development color approvals or the expert know-how to execute new programs, natific has solutions to support you. Our systems empower users to accurately develop and execute color over the life of a product while seamlessly integrating into existing PLM systems.

Check out our products and services to find out how you can cut 4-6 weeks from your development cycle and increase your color quality at the same time. Our professional resources are designed meet your business needs. 

Meet the team

Doug Bynum has been involved in the color world since earning his degree in Textile Chemistry from NC State University. He has over 30 years of experience in dyeing and finishing, textile manufacturing, and global color management.  For the last 20 years he has devoted his career to helping brands and producers around the world accurately and precisely execute color using digital color standards. At natific his primary role includes business development, systems design and implementation, as well as consulting for brands and mills to address production related issues.

Andreas Roth has worked in the chemical industry for 25 years with several responsibilities in various areas related to textile dyeing and finishing. Being also an early computer pioneer, Andreas started the company natific in 2005 and since then has led the company as its Chairman.

Christoph is a Co-Founder of natific AG Switzerland and Senior Partner since 2008. Christoph holds a degree in Textile Technology and Management from University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (UMIST), and a Master in Operations Management from Manchester Business School. He carries many years’ experience working for leading apparel brands and vertically integrated retailers, where he gained an understanding of the complex challenges facing global brands today. Speaking the language of both dyers and designers, Christoph leads teams to deliver systems, certifications, consultancy and training to enable the full potential of global digital color and ROI.

Claudia Isler has over 18 years of education and experience in textile dyeing and finishing, including a Swiss Confederate Master Degree on the subject. Her professional background includes 8 years of lab experience in textiles at Clariant before joining natific in 2008, where she was instrumental in shaping the audit and certification process. As Head of Auditing Claudia manages onsite certifications for all brands joining natific’s certification programs. She is involved with training and educating operators/merchandisers in textile factories and offices on software use and specific retailer’s procedures.

The natific team
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