ASAP Print & Pattern

Did you know…

….that you can manage prints and patterns within the ASAP platform?

There’s no need to have two separate systems or processes to manage visual and digital assessments. In ASAP, you can do it all.

Even brands that have moved to eliminate visual assessment of colors occasionally have special fabrics, or patterns that must be assessed visually. It’s a necessity but, that doesn’t mean you have to revert to the traditional time-consuming manual color approval process.

Print strike-off requests can be created directly in ASAP and are instantly received by the assigned printer. The print shop downloads and prints the submission form in ASAP, completes the initial strike-off, and sends it to the brand color office for review.

Once the brand receives the print strike-off and reviews it, all they must do is enter their comments into ASAP where they are instantly visible to the printer. All your print strike-off history is safely stored in ASAP for future reference, supplier communication and powerful statistical analysis.

ASAP provides a great way for brands to transition to a more efficient color development process while still supporting both digital and visual color approval processes.  

ASAP is an important part of the most powerful color lifecycle management platform in the industry today. It is flexible and can be used to manage color development requests for any color or material. When connected to your PLM system ASAP enables brands to boost their supply chains´ color matching efficiency while streamlining time-consuming manual color approval tasks such as writing approval e-mails, searching for color history, and duplicate data entry of color approval details.

ASAP is used by numerous brands and their supply chains to simplify the color development process. If you are looking for a way to simplify your color development process and to reduce the time and money required to accurately execute colors in production, contact us. natific has industry proven solutions to your color execution challenges.


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