Avoid long lead times with this crossover color for all major SS18 trend themes

Avoid long lead times with this crossover color for all major SS18 trend themes

Solid basics, raw minimalist, sci-fi safari… gold will be the important crossover color for all major SS18 trend themes according to WGSN.

Your golden colors can give you a great return or be a major flop. Lots of golden color standards flare green in store light. They become a greenish beige color and not recognized as “gold” at all.

Two crucial areas for your golden future
Do you plan to have goldish color on cellulosic? Using the wrong red element on cellulosic leads to low lightfastness and your golden color will start to fade to a greenish color.

Another important topic is phototropism. Golden yellow elements when exposed to light (such as in stores) may turn to green, but has a reversible effect when stored in the dark after exposure. Because of this, it is recommended to use non-phototropic yellow elements.

We have done golden color standards for brand customers to avoid exactly the above issues. This will save time, money and resources such as water and energy throughout the whole supply chain.

If you use goldish colors in your SS18 collection, we recommend you to do a feasibility check and optimization of standard curves. It’s crucial that brands and retailers don’t send color requests and color standards that isn’t possible for the suppliers to achieve in production. Buying a digital or physical color standard from one of the commercial providers isn’t always enough.

Hit REPLY and write gold to talk with natific’s support team about your golden future.


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