Bomler by natific


If retailers don’t have the full picture neither do consumers, who are increasingly demanding transparency.

What if you could easily pull back the curtain and show where your products are made? Bomler by natific was designed for supply chain transparency and to monitor a product’s impact on sustainability.  

Bomler provides:

  • Product Supply Chain Mapping – down to the smallest component or raw material.
  • Consumer visibility to where the products they purchase are made.
  • Compliance tracking for Social, Eco, Color, and equipment audits or certifications.
  • Industry Group or Brand specific questionnaires or surveys.
  • An opportunity for manufacturers to showcase their certifications, capabilities, and the products they make.
  • Visibility to new potential manufacturers in a region or to source a particular product.

The result is a clear picture of your supply network. With that information, you can make the best decisions for your sustainability initiatives.