CAP Mill Profile: Shahi Exports

Shahi Exports is the one of the largest vertically integrated textile producers in India, and is one of the most recent companies to become certified with natific. Welcome to natific, Shahi!

Doug Bynum and Shahi’s Sakthi Poorna at the knits division CAP certification

Why would an experienced garment manufacturer benefit from natific certifications and software systems?

Color coordination of yarns and knits across collars and body fabrics is a challenge that can lead to unwanted quality issues. By using a digital color standard and tracking ongoing production in the natific ColorWarehouse, Shahi can better achieve color coordination within internal divisions as well as with other mills dyeing the same colors for a brand.

In addition to color coordination, Shahi is looking forward to supplying quality goods to their customers with a shorter lead time. According to Sakthi Poorna of the Shahi Knits division, by participating in CAP they can maintain good color consistency and control metamerism by selecting the right recipes. Such improvements lead to business growth for all supply chain partners.

Color Accreditation Program

Over the last decade the CAP certification has become the global best practice for mills and suppliers, recognized by the world’s top apparel brands. This is a production-centric certification allowing brands to benchmark suppliers’ production efficiency on various metrics and KPIs. Starting with an evaluation of the current performance level, natific engineers provide on-the-job training and a comprehensive report with a plan to improve quality and meet performance goals.

Color Certification Program

The newest natific certification, CCP, is focused on providing the knowledge and training needed to improve color matching efficiency in lab processes, as well as making sure the proper equipment and personnel are in place. CCP is recommended for smaller volume mills, vendors managing color matching processes with their associated dye houses, and any mill not ready for the full CAP certification.

Since the certification program was created, we’ve certified hundreds of mills and suppliers. You may have heard rumors that CAP is has become less widely recognized by brands. This is simply not the case. With PVH and J. Crew recently on board and more to come in the future, brands and suppliers are using natific certifications to elevate their supply chain efficiency, transparency, and quality now more than ever!

We’d also like to congratulate Nantong Lianfa and H Wear Limited, both of which were certified in May.

We’re looking forward to certifying the following companies in the coming weeks:

WT Sourcing (TSC)


Paradise Textiles

Global Hantex

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