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Hundreds of the world’s leading dyes houses choose the natific Color Accreditation Program (CAP) to cut out the common process of lab dip submission and to achieve straight to production privileges. natific randomly selects a mill within the CAP program to feature with a short interview. We also take this opportunity to welcome new and returning clients.


The mill Bestex Enterprise Co., Ltd. located in Taoyuan, Taiwan, have over 20 years of experience in dyeing and finishing textiles with synthetic and natural fibers and their blends. 2015 was the year the mill decided to become a CAP member.

 “As a CAP mill, you have access to a simple but powerful
platform to monitor your bulk production. The color
communication between mill and buyer is now much easier.” 

/ Bestex Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Let’s see what Bestex Enterprise say about the CAP program.

natific: How did you first hear about the CAP program and what were your initial thoughts?
Bestex: We learnt about this program from our brand customer Under Armour and decided to join as soon as we knew that the program not only will provide a great tool for us to monitor our production but also help us to speed up our production.

natific: What are your thoughts today about the program?
Bestex: It significantly improved our color development time as well as our delivery. The program also allows us to find our areas of insufficiencies and guides us how to improve on them.

The biggest advantages with the CAP in general is that it simplifies the color development and bulk production process while being more accurate and effective.

natific: Do you use the ColorWarehouse internally to monitor production accuracy and precision?
Bestex: We use ColorWarehouse to monitor our bulk consistency also internally. The plot available in the system makes it easy to find outliers to quickly improve the bulk production.

A plot from the ColorWarehouse where all submitted colors except one is accurate and precise

natific: Master Digital Standards (qtx-files) are used within the CAP program, does this make it simpler for your dye-house?
Bestex: Using the qtx-file as the standard eliminates the concern of the possibility of physical standard being different from one to another (from aging or mishandling). It makes it much simpler!

natific: Do you save time in the development of new colors with the CAP?
Bestex: Yes! It saves about 1–2 weeks of color approval time. The color development becomes easier than ever. Once the digital color standard (qtx-file) is received, we can start developing a dye recipe from our recipe prediction software. Usually, it takes no more than 2 dyeing’s to achieve a matching lab dip.

natific: How about your lab-to-bulk production?
Bestex: We accomplished straight-to-production privileges after our first on-site CAP accreditation. The privileges to move straight to production without sending any lab dip and first of production sample makes it easier for us to plan the production because we do not need to wait and hear feedback from 1st bulk lot approval.

natific: Would you like to share an insight of your dye-kitchen facility and computerized processes?
Bestex: Of course. Our dye kitchen is fully automated and monitored closely. All data is stored in computer and used in junction with ColorWarehouse to monitor bulk production.

And for example, our wet on wet processing is also computerized. All chemical going into the process is weighed and dispensed by computer. The Stenter profiling system is used to monitor the temperature and residual moisture on the fabric widthwise.

natific: Thank you Bestex!
Bestex: Thank you!


We are happy to welcome below new and returning retailers, brands, vendors and mills as natific software and service clients. We are looking forward to our new and continued relationships.


Color Accreditation Program (CAP) and Brand Color Certifications

adidas Sourcing Ltd. Guangzhou Rep. Office (China)
Brimadona Industrial Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
California Group (United States)
Cromotransfer Ltd. (Brazil)
DougTree (Taiwan)
Everest Textile Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
Fulltide Enterprise Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
Gold Long John (Viet Nam)
Hyun Dae Sik Mo Co., Ltd. (South Korea)
India Dyeing Mills(p) Ltd. / Eastman exports (India)
Jade Longjohn (China)
Li & Fung Hangzhou (China)
Li Cheng Enterprise Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
Loma Lasetex SA de CV. (Mexico)
Mega Labels & Stickers (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. (Cambodia)
Needle Craft For Clothing Industry (Jordan)
P.T Long John (Indonesia)
Pride Performance Fabrics S.A de C.V. (Honduras)
Pt. San Fang (Indonesia)
Sadesa (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (Thailand)
San Fang (Taiwan)
Sewang Textile Co., Ltd. (South Korea)
Thong Thai Textile Co., Ltd. (Thailand)
Ting Sho (Taiwan)
Tiong Chih (Taiwan)
Tiong Liong Industrial Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
Toray International America (United States)
Westpoint Home (United States)
Yee Chain International Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
YKK Taiwan Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
Young Shin Textile Co., Ltd. (South Korea)
Yu Yuang (Taiwan)


The ColorWarehouse and ASAP system

A&H Sportswear (United States)
Alamac American Knits (United States)
American & Efird (United States)
António de Almeida e Filhos Texteis SA. (Portugal)
Assatex / Zentrix Industriel Limited S de R L de CV. (Mexico)
Bemis (Switzerland)
Brandix Casualwear Ltd. (Sri Lanka)
Brimadona Industrial Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
Bristex Co., Ltd. (South Korea)
Chiefway International Ltd. (Hong Kong)
Cromotransfer Ltd. (Brazil)
Dae Kyung Textile Co., Ltd. (South Korea)
Delicacy Industrial Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
Digjam Ltd. (India)
Duksung Textiles Co., Ltd. (South Korea)
Eltitex (Guatemala)
Enping Kam Hing Textile & Dyeing Co., Ltd. (China)
Ersin Knitters Co., Ltd. (Hong Kong)
Everest Textile Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
Far Eastern Dyeing & Finishing (SuZhou) Ltd. (China)
Flexico S de RL de CV. (Mexico)
Formosa Taffeta Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
Fortex International (China) Ltd. (China)
Fulltide Enterprise Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
Fung Lee Elastic Weaving Fty. Ltd. (Hong Kong)
George C Moore Co. (United States)
Global Design (Hong Kong)
Grupo Dass (Brazil)
GuangDong Esquel Textile Ltd. (China)
Guangzhou Kam Hing (China)
Hang Mei (Hong Kong)
Hansoll Textile Ltd. (South Korea)
Huge-Bamboo Enterprise Co., Ltd. (Viet Nam)
Hung`s Fortune Int’l Co., Ltd. / Utermost Dyeing & Finishing Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
ITW Graphics Asia Ltd. (Hong Kong)
Jalino Industrial Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
Joy Textile, S.A. DE C.V.Mexico
Labtex (SHA) Co., Ltd. (China)
Lee Bou International (Taiwan)
Legend Swimwear Factory Ltd. (Hong Kong)
Lion Brothers Far East, Ltd. (Hong Kong)
Little King Ind. Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
Masood Textile Mills (Pakistan)
Men-Chuen Fibre Industry Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
Milliken & Company (United States)
N-Stars Textile Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
Nantong Teijin Co., Ltd. (China)
New Wide Enterprise Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
Novel Dyeing and Printing Ltd. (China)
Onechang Material Co., Ltd. (South Korea)
Pacific Textiles Ltd. (Hong Kong)
Paradise Textiles (Hong Kong)
Pettenati Centro America S.A. de C.V. (El Salvador)
Polysol S.A. (Peru)
Pride Performance Textiles (Honduras)
PT Indo Taichen Textile Industry (Indonesia)
Putian City Huafeng Industrial and Trade Co., Ltd. (China)
Ramatex Textiles Industrial Sdn.Bhd (Malaysia)
S.E.C. Accessories Ltd. (Hong Kong)
Shanghai Silk Group Co., Ltd. (China)
Shanghai Sunwin Industry Co., Ltd. (China)
Shin Han Ind. Co., Ltd. (South Korea)
South Asia Knitting Factory Ltd. (Hong Kong)
Sun Tak (China)
Suy Co., Ltd. (South Korea)
TAL Global Alliances Ltd. (Hong Kong)
Tecnotextil Confecções Ltd. (Brazil)
Tefron Ltd. (Israel)
Texfina / Industria Textil del Pacífico (Peru)
Textil Santanderina SA (Spain)
Tien-Hu Trading (HK) Ltd. (Hong Kong)
Uni-Sport (United States)
Wei Chiao Ent Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
Weimei Elastic Fabrics Co., Ltd. (China)
Willingtex (Taiwan)
Y.R.C.Textile Co., Ltd. (Thailand)
Yixing Lucky Dyeing, Printing, and Finishing Co., Ltd. (China)
Yu Yuang (Taiwan)
Zhejiang Dejun New Material Co., Ltd. (China)


The CAP program was developed as a collaborative project between natific and retailers and has evolved to be the most comprehensive color accreditation program globally. The program is designed to evaluate the maturity and capability of a mill, determining if a mill will be able to produce any given color to a specific tolerance. It is intended to assess, educate and help mills move towards best practice through production analysis and expert recommendations.

The ColorWarehouse is a system used within the CAP program. The system allows mills to analyze production data based on color, fabric and dyeing machine. ColorWarehouse provides mills, vendors and retailers/brands with insight into the mills daily production.

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