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Hundreds of the world’s leading dyes houses choose natific’s Color Accreditation Program (CAP) to cut out the common process of lab dip submission and to achieve straight to production privileges. natific randomly selects a mill within the CAP program to feature with a short interview. We also take this opportunity to welcome new and returning clients.


The mill Nice Dyeing located in Dongguan, China, became a CAP member in 2009. Thanks to the CAP, Nice Dyeing don’t need to send physical color swatches to their CAP member customers Target and Lands´ End.

Let’s hear from the mamangement at Nice Dyeing what more they experience as a member of the Color Accreditation Program.

“Retailers have faith in our production
after getting the certification from natific.”

/ Nice Dyeing, Dongguan, China

natific: What do you see as your biggest accomplishments as a CAP member?
Nice Dyeing: I would say that two things really stands out. The first is that our color quality can reach our customers expectation and the second is that our production line is well managed.

natific: Do you save time in the development of new colors as a CAP member?
Nice Dyeing: YES! Thanks to the CAP it’s much easier for us to dye the color closer to the standard, which saves a lot of time.

natific: Do you use the system ColorWarehouse internally to monitor production accuracy and precision?
Nice Dyeing: Yes, we compare the spectral data of all production dye lots for all customers. ColorWarehouse makes it easy to figure out which product lots that isn’t within tolerance compared to the customer’s standard.

natific: Digital color standards (qtx-files) are used within the CAP program, does this make life simpler for you?
Nice Dyeing: Yes it simplifies our process. With the digital color standard we don’t need to send physical lab dips to our CAP member customers.

natific: Have you made any changes in your production and lab dip sample handling?
Nice Dyeing: The CAP has learned us how important the surrounding condition is for a color and the impact it has on the shade of our products.

All of our production and lab dip samples are now well conditioned and the conditioned environment is strictly controlled according to the CAP recommendations. For example, our dye storage containers are kept at a room temperature of 21 degrees (+/- 2 degrees), which avoid condensation inside the containers.

natific: What three things would you like to share that you have learned through the CAP program?
Nice Dyeing: Spontaneously, I would say… one, natific’s auditor advised us to carry out the reduction clean process more efficient. He told us the characteristics of sodium dithionite and gave us a modified way to do the reduction clean process.

And, let’s see… two, natific also provided us with a tool (below picture) to calculate the starting and feeding concentration, it’s an easy way to evaluate the change of shade after finishing.

As the third thing I would say that we learned that AATCC white calibration cannot be done every day. We need to do correction as it’s not a standard method for white calibration.

The picture shows a part of the tool that natific give to dye houses to calculate the starting and feeding concentration. The tool is made to calculate the amount of finishing agent (e.g. softener) when applying it on wet fabric. This way the mill can save an expensive drying passage.

natific: What is your advice to mills that are considering joining the CAP program?
Nice Dyeing: To join the program without hesitation!


We are happy to welcome below new and returning retailers, brands, vendors and mills as natific software and service clients. We are looking forward to our new and continued relationships.


Color Accreditation Program (CAP) and Brand Color Certifications
Bushin Textile Co., Ltd. (Korea)
C.P.L. Group Public Co., Ltd. (Thailand)
Clotex Labels (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. (China)
Cohen Enterprises Inc. (China)
Cosmo Textile Co. Ltd (China)
Delta Galil Ind., Ltd. (Israel)
DJIC Limited (Taiwan)
Dominican Knits Inc. (Dominican Republic)
Dong Jin Textile Co., Ltd. (Korea)
Dongguan Pou Chen Footwear Co., Ltd. (China)
Duksung Co., Ltd. (Korea)
Evervan Qing Yuan Footwear Co., Ltd. (China)
Jeans Knit Pvt Ltd (India)
Kenwoo Co., LTd. (Korea)
Koojoo Global (Korea)
Li Cheng Enterprise Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
Min Yuen Rubber Ind. Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
Nice Trims Industrial Co., Ltd. (China)
Pan-pacific Co., Ltd. (Korea)
Pou Chen (Indonesia)
PrimeAsia Vietnam Co., Ltd. (Viet Nam)
PT. Baiksan (Indonesia)
Ruey Tay (Taiwan)
Shyang Hung Cheng Industrial Co., Ltd. (Viet Nam)
Sung Woo Textile (Korea)
Swisstex California Inc. (United States)
Ting Heng Co., Ltd (Viet Nam)
Ting Sho (Taiwan)
Tong Hong Tannery (China)
Top Sports Textile Ltd. (Cambodia)
Tronsan Fancy Yarn Co., Ltd. (Hong Kong)
Zhaoyi Enterprise Corporation Ltd. (Taiwan)

The ColorWarehouse and ASAP system
3-D Intimate Apparel Ltd. (Hong Kong)
A-Tex Asia Ltd. (Hong Kong)
Antex (United States)
Apparel Production Services Global, LLC (United States)
Arvind Ltd. (India)
Avery Dennison (United States)
Bestex Enterprise Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
Boa Technology (United States)
Braiform (Switzerland)
Brugnoli Giovanni Spa (Italy)
Button International Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
Charles Parsons (Australia)
Chia Her Industrial Co. Ltd. (Taiwan)
Chung Wo Ho (Hong Kong)
Classoc Fashion Apparel Industry Co. (Jordan)
Climatex (Taiwan)
Contempora Fabrics (United States)
Daejin (Korea)
Darlington Fabrics (United States)
Delta Galil Intimate Apparel Ltd. (Israel)
Dio Company Co., Ltd. (Korea)
Dong Guan Best Pacific Textile Ltd. (China)
Dong Shin Ltd. (Hong Kong)
Dongguan Shatin Lake Side Textiles Printing & Dyeing Co., Ltd. (FountainSet Lakeside) (China)
DougTree (Taiwan)
Dry-Tex Lamination Textile Co., Ltd. (China)
E. Textint Corp. (Taiwan)
E.C.I. Elastic Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
Emsig / Crystal Town (Hong Kong)
end2end l Solutions (United States)
Esquel Enterprises Ltd. (Hong Kong)
Finotex USA (United States)
Flying Needle S.A. (Nicaragua)
Fountain Set Ltd. Jiangyin Fuhui (China)
Four K Knitters (Hong Kong)
Framis Italia SPA (Italy)
Franz Barta (Switzerland)
Fu Jian Zhong He Marketing Co., Ltd. (China)
Fun Tees (United States)
Gildan (Barbados)
GPSS (Hong Kong)
Grupo Beta (Honduras)
Guangdong Charming Co., Ltd. (China)
Guangzhou Gunzetal Company Ltd. (China)
Guangzhou Kam Hing Textile Dyeing Co., Ltd. (China)
Hampton Textile Printing (United States)
HG Group (India)
Honsin Apparel Sdn Bhd (Fisco) (Malaysia)
Hung Hon (Hong Kong)
Hung’s Fortune International Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
Hyosung (Korea)
Ideal Guangdong Fastener Co., Ltd. (China)
Industrias Nettalco (Peru)
Jiaxing Burlington Textile Co., Ltd. (China)
JK Sourcing Co., Ltd. (Hong Kong)
Karsten S.A. (Brazil)
Katsu New York (United States)
Kingwhale Co. (Taiwan)
Koojoo Global (Korea)
Kuohwa Garment & Enamel Industry Co., Ltd.  (Taiwan)
Lameirinho-Industria Textil, S.A. (Portugal)
Li & Fung (Taiwan)
Linea aqua (Pvt) Ltd. (Sri Lanka)
Loro Piana (Switzerland)
Luen Hing Textile Co., Ltd. (Hong Kong)
Marujin Co., Ltd. (Japan)
Masood Textile Milld Ltd. (Pakistan)
Maxland Sportswear Industrial Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
Maxport Ltd. (Viet Nam)
McMurray Fabrics (United States)
Merit Tat International Ltd. (Hong Kong)
Min Yuen Rubber Ind. Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
Nanyang Knitting Factory Co., Ltd. (Thailand)
Narroflex (United States)
Needle Craft Ltd. (Switzerland)
Nice Trims (Hong Kong)
Ningbo Consinee Woolen Textile Co., Ltd. (China)
Pertex / Mitsui Bussan Techno Products Co., Ltd. (Japan)
Pioneer (Hong Kong)
Polartec Tennessee Manufacturing (United States)
Pride Performance Textiles (Honduras)
Promax (VN) Textile Co., Ltd. (Viet Nam)
Promax Textile Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
Prym Fashion (Hong Kong)
PT. Kahatex (Indonesia)
Raco Textile (China)
Ramatex (Singapore)
Regina Miracle International (Group) Ltd. (China)
Reliable Source Industrial Co., Ltd. (China)
RK Sweaters (United States)
Sab / Zhejiang Weixing Industrial Development Co., Ltd. (China)
Schoeller Switzerland Textiles (Switzerland)
Shimada shoji (H.K.) Ltd. (Hong Kong)
Shining Labels (Hong Kong)
Shinkong Textile Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
Silver Printing (Hong Kong)
SML Dongguan Dong Hing Label & Embroidery Co., Ltd. (China)
Sports City International Inc. (Taiwan)
Square Group (Bangladesh)
Standard Group Ltd. (Bangladesh)
Stapros Industrial Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
Sunline Sankei Yokohama (HK) Co., Ltd. (Viet Nam)
Swisstex California Inc. (United States)
Taiwan Paiho Ltd. (Taiwan)
Texco Hook and Eye tape Ltd. (China)
Texollini (United States)
Textiles Panorama, S.A. (Guatemala)
Textisur (Switzerland)
Textufil S.A de C.V. (El Salvador)
Thien Nam Sunrise Textiles (Smart Shirts Group) (Viet Nam)
Ting Heng Co., Ltd. (Viet Nam)
Toray International America (United States)
Unifield Textiles Ltd. (China)
Unimark (United States)
Universal Trim Supply Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
UTX / Duraflex (Hong Kong)
VisionTex (China)
W. L. Gore (United States)
Well Match (HK) Trading Co. Ltd (Hong Kong)
WSG Limited (Hong Kong)
WSG Ltd. (Hong Kong)
Youngone Corporation (Korea)


The CAP has evolved to be the most comprehensive color accreditation program globally. The program is designed to evaluate the maturity and capability of a mill, determining if a mill will be able to produce any given color to a specific tolerance.

It is intended to assess, educate and help mills move towards best practice through production analysis and expert recommendations.

The ColorWarehouse system used within the CAP program allows mills to analyze production data based on color, fabric and dyeing machine. ColorWarehouse provides mills, vendors and retailers/brands with insight into the mills daily production.

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