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The mill Thai Taffeta in Thailand was tired of not meeting the target date for color approval and the many rounds of lab dips. Based on a recommendation from one of Thai Taffeta’s brand customers, the mill decided to join the CAP program to improve their performance.

Thai Taffeta just completed their first on-site audit by the natific team. We talked to Mr. Chayut Chuethai at Thai Taffeta and learned about their experience as a new CAP mill.

natific: What was your procedure like when developing new colors, before the CAP program?
Thai Taffeta: Brands send lab dip requests for new colors and then we have 45 days for the process. Prior to the CAP program, we often faced issues with many rounds of lab dips and the need to extend the target date for color approval.

This is still true for the brands that we are working with that aren’t members of the CAP program.

natific: Does that mean that it would be beneficial if all of your brand/retail customers joined the CAP program?
Thai Taffeta: Yes of course!

natific: You just completed your first on-site audit as a CAP member, what are your thoughts so far about the program?
Thai Taffeta: It was easy for us to get started with the program and we already noticed that we will be able to improve our performance rate for lab and production. We will see this more in the coming season.

natific: Can you give us any examples – within what areas have you noticed improvements?
Thai Taffeta: It’s too early to give any figures yet, however some of the things that we have noticed are:

  • Time saving for lab dip in the laboratory color development.
  • Better fastness and reduced cost regarding our dye-selection.
  • Reduced re-dyeing and better control of our dyeing procedure for production and lab dip sample handling and lab-to-bulk production.
  • Better control of our dyeing procedure for our dye primaries development.
  • We save time, water and energy in our dye procedure with regard to bleaching, chemicals, pH etc.
  • Reduced re-dyeing due to better fastness performance in our wet-on-wet finishing.

natific: In general, what do you see as the biggest advantages of being a CAP member?
Thai Taffeta: To improve our right-first-time performance rate for all lab dip and bulk production.

natific: What is your favorite feature within the program?
Thai Taffeta: So far, our favorite thing with the CAP program is that we receive digital color standards (QTX) instead of physical standards. This makes it simpler for us and we will be able to save lots of time in the lab process.

We also aim to use the ColorWarehouse internally, to control color in bulk production for improved color shade.

natific: Sounds like you are off to a good start! Thank you for your time!
Thai Taffeta: Yes! Thank you!


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