Color Quality Challenges

Did you know you experience the same color quality challenges throughout the year?


It’s soon time to think about next year’s trend colors and color palette. As you might know, some colors and quality requirements are more difficult to meet in production than others. But even if you choose new colors every season, in general, your color challenges don’t change.

In fact, your color challenges are more or less the same throughout the year. You can learn how to solve your repeating color challenges once and for all.

Control these parameters to prevent repeating color issues
Chroma, Lightness and Hue are the parameters that should to be controlled by the producing mill. To do so, it’s important to make sure that the lab and production processes are well controlled and standardized.

But don’t just leave it to the producing mill. The whole supply chain needs to collaborate to be efficient and get it right from start to finish.

Keep an eye on this:

Pale, brilliant, and fluorescent shades
Generally, there are three types of shades which can have fastness problems. Pale, brilliant green-red, and fluorescent shades have a higher risk of getting into fastness trouble, mostly on light and perspiration light.

Another problem for these shades is Gamut, which is sometimes limited and depends on the substrate. This is a clear limitation mainly on cotton.

Deep shades
In contrast, deep shades suffer due to limited color depth achievable on the fabric. Sometimes it’s just not possible to get the deep shade as required.

Fastness is normally not a big issue for the deeper shades due to the higher amount of dyestuff.

Metameric behavior
Another big issue is metameric behavior of color standards. There are proactive solutions to getting metameric-free colors under required illuminants, such as natific’s Voodoo system and nOSCs (natific Optimized Standard Curves).

Three things that will minimize your color quality problems
If you are able to:
1) select standards with high color consistency
2) know the fastness difficulties for certain shades
3) know your production capability

…your color quality problems can be reduced to a minimum!


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