Inspiration For A More Efficient Color Development And Production Cycle


A new season is coming and that usually means busy times. We have collected some of our most popular articles to inspire you to create a more efficient color development and production cycle.

Highlight #1: Learn how to solve your ongoing color challenges once and for all.
Did you know that you experience same color quality challenges throughout the year, even if you choose new colors every season?
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Highlight #2: Learn how and why a European brand ended up with shade variations in store and how a US brand transformed their supply chain by waving goodbye to the traditional color process and moving to a new more efficient process.
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Highlight #3: Useful background information about digital color communication, inclusive a step-by-step plan to download. (not working at the moment)
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Highlight #4: We commonly give the following 3 practical pieces of advice to mills while training them to be a top-performing mill. As a brand/retailer, we recommend that you check this with your mills!

Tip #1: This advice alone can take your lab-dipping from 75% right-first-time to 90%!
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Tip #2: This is how you can reduce your lab dips by half or more at no cost!
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Tip #3: You might see the world differently! This advice will lower the risk of variation.
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