Can numbers replace your color samples and speed up your supply chain?

“It can’t work… how can we trust numerical color data without doing visual assessment of the color?” 


Just like the Taiwan-based mill Taily Dyeing & Finishing Co. Ltd used to think, many brands, retailers and mills don’t believe that they can rely on digital files in their color development. Some have difficulty letting go of a traditional process. However, the traditional color development process has many opportunities for improvement.

Taily Dyeing & Finishing used to buy and wait for the physical color standards from a commercial color standard provider, proceed with lab dip by matching to the standard, and submit the lab dip to the customer for feedback.

Time and money are going down the drain for all supply chain partners holding on to this old process.

Today, the mill doesn’t have to ask their customer for color approval and they don’t need to figure out why a comment from a customer is different from what they see during their visual assessment.

What kind of magic is this?

We call it CAP (Color Accreditation Program). CAP mills are trained to confidently use available digital technology to achieve faster, better results. As soon as the mill receives a feasible* Master Digital Standard from their retail customer, they formulate the recipe and immediately proceed with lab dipping. They check the color against the digital file from the spectrophotometer, read the report and adjust the recipe if needed.

Is Taily Dyeing & Finishing convinced that digital files can replace physical color samples and speed up supply chains? Mr Huang Chuan-Hsin at Taily Dyeing & Finishing told natific that:

“Starting something new is always challenging and it takes time for all parties to set a new routine. However, it didn’t take long for us to experience a faster, more efficient and precise color development despite that some people didn’t believe that they could rely on the numbers.

We advise everyone who would like to speed up their production process to replace their physical color standards with Master Digital Standards, and to join natific’s Color Accreditation Program.”

Do you want to speed up your production?

Experience it yourself – Contact our support team at for a trial.


Your natific team

*Physical and digital color samples from commercial color standard providers might not be feasible on all materials. Therefore, they need to be evaluated prior being sent to your suppliers. An independent expert like natific can help you with this.

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