From Frustration To Celebration [CAP Mill Profile]

Hundreds of the world’s leading dyes houses choose natific’s Color Accreditation Program (CAP) to cut out the traditional lab dip process and achieve straight to production privileges. natific randomly selected a mill within the CAP program to feature with a short interview.


From frustration to celebration!

Kingwhale Corporation, a vertically integrated mill in Taiwan, no longer needs to send lab dip and bulk approval for solid colors to their CAP mill customers.

Let’s speak to Rita Lin at Kingwhale and find out what the mill did to achieve this.

natific: How did you first hear about the CAP program and what were your initial thoughts?
Kingwhale: The CAP program was requested from one of our brand customers. We had no idea how it worked but it wasn’t difficult to get started. This was in 2013.

natific: Before you joined the CAP program, what did your procedure look like for new color development?
Kingwhale: I will illustrate it for you. This is how our color procedure used to look, and how it looks for our brand and retail customers who aren’t CAP members:

Today, we don’t send lab dip and bulk approval for solid colors to our brand customers within the CAP program. We also use the natific system ASAP to share lab dip results with another brand customers.

natific: What main points of frustration did you face in the color procedure you illustrated?
Kingwhale: We did, and still do with customers who aren’t within the CAP program, experience issues when customer doesn’t understand the technical limitations for some colors on certain substrates. The most common issues are metamerism, saturation limit, depth limit and fastness issues. And sometimes we find it difficult to understand our customer’s color comments.

natific: How has the CAP program helped you to overcome those issues?
Kingwhale: The program provides a platform to communicate with our customers and, when needed, we get helpful technical advice from natific.

In fact, the biggest advantage and our most important accomplishments as a CAP member is the improved communication with our brand/retailer customers. They have total transparency to monitor our bulk color performance through the ColorWarehouse.

natific: What is your favorite feature as a CAP member?
Kingwhale: The access and use of ColorWarehouse, because it helps us to easily share our bulk color result with our customers. We are now able to fulfill our customer’s requirement and win their trust!

natific: Would it be beneficial if all of your brand/retail customers joined the CAP?
Kingwhale: It’s good if everyone speaks in the same platform like in the ColorWarehouse and ASAP. I would advise everyone to try the CAP program.

natific: Thank you Rita for sharing!
Kingwhale: Thank you!


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