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The demand for lab dips is a troubling trend, doing something stupid faster or trying to “get better” at a bad process really isn’t an improvement. Why even go down that road. 

We are all a part of the textile industry and so we need to consider the context of the current supply chain processes, to understand its costs act responsibility towards the climate change. At natific we believe that lab dipping is one of the big unnecessary evils. Costly, time-consuming and environmentally heavy.

It’s time for more textile supply chains to vision and execute the “Smart Supply Chain”.

The “Smart Supply Chain” benefits are lead time and cost savings, while organically supporting sustainability goals through less re-dyeing i.e. less use of dyes, water, and energy. Reduced carbon footprints and compliant with restricted substances, less overtime and minimized late cancellations and waste.

This is achieved by working towards an elimination of the lab dipping process, with zero physical lab dips and first of production samples (while creating better color matching in stores).

We love to promote brands, retailer, vendors and dye houses who take action and work proactively with the reduction of lab dips. Only by showing the world what is possible, others can follow. Creating a win-win-win relation.

Are you working with natific and have a success case to inspire the world and the textile industry with? Simply click REPLY to this email saying YES and we will follow up with questions to make it a full story.

Are you not working with us and thinking “what are we doing, we are lab dipping like crazy over here”, you can also click REPLY to this email saying HI and we will get back to you with a step by step plan how you can join the challenge.

Thanks for making the change possible.

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