How this mill solved their metamerism issues

natific carry out Color Certifications for retailers and brands. A Brand Color Certification is a basic first step to qualify a mill with the ability to move toward the advanced global Color Accreditation Program (CAP) in the future. We have randomly selected a mill within the Brand Color Certification program as a feature for a short interview. We also take this opportunity to welcome new and returning clients.


*Metamerism is a big issue in the textile and dyeing industry. The phenomenon is visible when two samples/garments/trims appear to have the same color under one light source, but show a different shade under another light source.


Out of the Blue Box Co., Ltd. in Thailand are an advanced heat transfer manufacturer for many well-known brands including; Adidas, Reebok and Mizuno. They focus on product quality and innovations to meet the needs of their customers in the fast changing fashion and apparel market.

The mill heard about the Color Certification from one of their customers and thought that it would be a great help and opportunity to become more confident in their color capability. They were frustrated about the difficulties they experienced in their coloration processes, such as dealing with metamerism issues and color matching methods.

Out of the Blue Box joined natific’s Color Certification in 2016.

Let’s speak to the mill and find out how the Brand Color Certification managed by natific made them more color confident.

natific: What did you do to ensure continuous improvements at your mill before the Color Certification?
Out of the Blue Box: Our color knowledge came from our customers and we had some 3rd party color expertise that trained us. Still, the color issues remained very difficult to resolve. To really improve our coloring capability, our experienced showed that natific was the best option. From what natific showed us we can now help ourselves to improve day by day.

natific: What was your big a-ha moment when you started with the Certification?
Out of the Blue Box: The matching color method! For example, we may come up with the right color by using 2-3 colors mixing instead of the ready color that is available from the supplier.

This gives us greater flexibility and we can more frequently make closer color matches to our customers chosen shades while meeting their quality requirements. This is often faster too, with more right first time. We also have the opportunity to evaluate recipes for cost efficiencies.

“If you really want to improve your coloring
capability, natific is your best option.”

/ Out of the Blue Box Co., Ltd.

natific: Would you like to share an example of how and why you are more color confident now?
Out of the Blue Box: From a management point of view, before having natific, my team were not confident of how to comment on the color matchings. Thanks to the training with natific, we are now much more clear on what is right and wrong.

Our knowledge about color theory is much deeper and we are more confident in our color checking because each person has the same training and is and now uses a standardized method of color evaluation.

This gives great benefits to the company as a whole because it makes our team and our customers more confident.

natific: What do you see as the biggest advantages and accomplishments with the Color Certification?
Out of the Blue Box: We have achieved a much greater confidence in ourselves and also greater confidence in us from our customers. We can save 1-2 days in the development of some colors because we now have better knowledge on how to develop good color match recipes.

natific: What was your favorite feature of the Certification?
Out of the Blue Box: The training after their testing. Natific provided us with clear explanations and gave us a lot of tips and guidance, we understand coloration for brands much better now.

natific: Thank you for taking the time sharing your experience with us!
Out of the Blue Box: Thank you!

We are happy to welcome below new and returning retailers, brands, vendors and mills as natific software and service clients. We are looking forward to our new and continued relationships.


Color Accreditation Program (CAP) and Brand Color Certifications
Clark Textile Company, Inc. (ASF Group) (Taiwan)
Cty Tnhh Ymuv (Dean Shoes) (Vietnam)
Dong Il Corporation Shihwa Factory (Korean)
Dongguan City Maite Sports Co., Ltd. (China)
Elite Cambodia Co., Ltd. (Cambodia)
Ideal Fastener (Jiangsu) Ltd. (China)
Ideal Fastener (Guangdong) Industried Ltd. (China)
Jiang Su Guo Tai International Group Guo Mao Co. Ltd. (China)
Kyodo Int. C0. (Japan)
Lijin Textile Co., Ltd. (China)
Matmarket Ltd. (Hong Kong)
May Fortune Textile Ltd. (Hong Kong)
New Wide Enterprise Co., Ltd. (Vietnam)
PT. Parkland World (Indonesia)
PT. Selim Textile (Indonesia)
Putian City Huafeng Industrial and Trade Co., Ltd. (Afghanistan)
Saigon Jim Brother’s Co. (Vietnam)
Sian Co., Ltd. (Korea)
Textured Jersey (Sri Lanka)
Tungtex Trading Co., Ltd. (Hong Kong)



The ColorWarehouse and ASAP system
Hung Hon (Hong Kong)
Zhaoyi Enterprise Co. Ltd. (Taiwan)
PT Parkland Word (Indonesia)
Trident Towels Budhni (India)

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