How To Greatly Increase Visibility Throughout Your Supply Chain


The color data sharing just expanded to a whole new level
Dyehouses using the natific web based system ColorWarehouse will soon be able to share production results with customers such as garment manufacturers.

The new function ColorWarehouse Network will greatly increase visibility throughout your supply chain. Within the ColorWarehouse Network, you will be able to enjoy a simple way of sharing production data, approval forms, and testing data.

nvite your garment manufacturers
ColorWarehouse users will see the above new icon in the ColorWarehouse in the coming days. By clicking on the icon, you will be able to invite your customers to view production data and access the Network in your ColorWarehouse.

How you can join the ColorWarehouse Network
Any customers of ColorWarehouse users can subscribe to the ColorWarehouse Network by signing up at natific’s portal

More info to come
The ColorWarehouse Network is currently in the last testing phase by selected dye houses and garment manufacturers. You will receive instructions and subscription details in the near future.

Are you new to ColorWarehouse? Read about our web based system here and learn how you can to bring color consistency to the stores.


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