How this mill’s dream became reality

Hundreds of the world’s leading dye houses have chosen natific’s CAP program to cut out the lab dip submission process and achieve straight-to-production privileges. natific has randomly selected CAP mill Jang You Inc. to feature with a short interview.

A mill’s dream

Jang You Inc., a dyeing mill in South Korea, dreamed about how great it would be to concentrate more on their production process rather than spending time and money processing lab dips, paying the courier and waiting for approvals.

The dream became reality when Jang You Inc. joined natific’s CAP program. The result? Almost 30% shorter production lead time, boosted production capability and confidence in color martching ability.

Lilibeth Park, Lab. Assistant Manager at Jang You Inc., told natific during our interview that the CAP program has made it possible for the mill to compete in the global market.

Let’s move on to the interview to find out more.

natific: What were your mill’s main frustrations in the color process prior to joining the CAP program?
Jang You Inc.: Sometimes we had a good match for the lab dips in the spectrophotometer at our mill but failed to meet the required tolerance when re-measured by the buyers. This was very frustrating!

We also experienced endless and frequent processing of lab dips. All in all, too much time and money was wasted on developing lab dips and on courier services.

natific: What made you choose the CAP program?
Jang You Inc.: It was the possibility to gain further knowledge on production shade consistency and how to skip lab dip approvals that inspired us to join the CAP in 2011 when our US retail customer, Target, introduced the program to us.

“Sad to say, some brand and retail customers still cling
on the old way of requesting lab dips for approval.”

/ Lilibeth Park, Jang You Inc., South Korea

natific: What was it like getting started?
Jang You Inc.: We put in a lot of effort to start with the program because the management team and workers at Jang You Inc. aim for excellence. Our efforts really paid off and I can tell you that without the CAP, our initiative to go for the best wouldn’t have been realized.

natific: What is your favorite feature within the program and why?
Jang You Inc.: While the CAP eliminates the processing of lab dips, vendors still require the physical lab dips to be processed. However, since we are privileged to self-approve the lab dips and we don’t need to courier the first bulk lots for approval, it saves us a lot of time and money. That’s my favorite feature!

I just wish that more buyers would join the program and use Digital Master Standards (qtx-files), it’s the perfect tool to avoid errors and differences.

natific: Can you tell us about some practical achievements that your mill experienced after natific’s team audited your mill?
Jang You Inc.: Of course! I can give you three practical examples:

1. Before the audit, our technicians didn’t realize that the performance of our dye sets checked by graphical analysis of K/S vs. concentration were in incorrect data points and incorrect build-ups. natific found out that the concentrations that didn’t fit the build-up curve weren’t re-dyed or removed. Our primaries were corrected and created in different fabric qualities. Our predictions are far more accurate after natific audited us!

2. As advised by natific’s team on-site, dye selections should not only be based on three dye combinations in order to avoid metamerism and reproducibility issues in bulk. natific recommend using 4 or even 5 dye combinations! This strategy works very well for us.

3. Your team recommended us to connect our scales to a printer and computer. Printers have been connected and the weighing of dyes are recorded systematically. Weighing error has been reduced by 30%! To this date, Jang You Inc. is also working on connecting the scales to computers. Our aim is a 100% no weighing error.

natific: Lastly, has the CAP program helped you achieve your business goals?
Jang You Inc.: Yes! I would say that the CAP program is a stepping stone to improve in many aspects.

natific: Thank you Lilibeth, it was great talking to you!
Jang You Inc.: Thank you!


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