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Finding and foreseeing potential issues and to correct them early during the production will save you from not accepting lower quality to be delivered to the stores or expensive re-work after the products left the factory. natific carry out Quality Inspections on garments and textile products at any stage in the production process to secure and improve your garments and textile products.

Choy-Foong Wong is our newest team member and your main point of contact to make this smooth for you.

I’m Choy-Foong
Hi, I made a short video presentation for you to get to know me a bit. Please bear with me since I am not too used to stand in front of the camera. I am based at our headquarter in Basel, Switzerland, only an email or phone call away. Pick a language you prefer, I speak English, German, Mandarin and Cantonese, and connect with me – I am looking forward hearing from you!

I found below quotes in the archives while learning about my new position at natific. They gave me a good feeling and I wanted to share them with you. With that said, please never hesitate to get back to me with any feedback so we can learn and develop together.

“We receive valuable information from natific’s Quality Inspection Reports that are both professional and easy to understand. natific are quick with feedback and have a great login at their homepage. It is obvious that natific found defects
that wasn’t noted by our suppliers.”
/ Kristin Roos, Production Manager, Odd Molly 2012

“natific has pointed out all the things to us during the Quality Inspection and instructed us how to improve and repair the garments before shipping out. We have also changed the shipping mark accordingly.”
/ Factory Manager N.N, China 2014

If you are new to inspections, a bit rusty, or just would like to make sure you are updated on the procedure, read our step-by-step guide how we work with Quality Inspections. And check out the Quality Inspection Time Line if you would like to know when you can secure and improve on your products.

Are you new to Quality Inspections? Contact us to get started.


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