Mill and Supplier Certifications

On the job training by industry experts

natific’s certifications for mills and suppliers are recognized by some of the leading fashion and athletic brands worldwide. After an evaluation by natific engineers, a plan is developed that guarantees an improvement in performance and efficiency. All of these programs offer invaluable on the job training by industry experts with decades of experience working in the field. We offer these certifications in 2 levels: CAP and CCP. 

CAP is a comprehensive certification process that elevates mills to global best practices, while CCP focuses on proper training and equipment for small to medium suppliers who aren’t ready for CAP. 

For adidas suppliers we offer a 2-tiered accreditation program that audits the ability to adhere to adidas color assessment and approval procedures, as well as improves supply chain efficiencies .

Read more about the differences in these programs below to find out which is best for your supply chain needs:

Color Certification Program (CCP)

  • 1 natific engineer, 1 full day of evaluation
  •  Lab color matching
  • Colorist evaluation
  • Training in lab best practices to match colors digitally
  • Production QC process
  • Training on ColorWarehouse system
  • Summary report with suggestions to improve lab color matching results

Color Accreditation Program (CAP)

  • 2 natific engineers, 2 full days of evaluation
  •  Covers all CCP areas
  • 5 onsite tests
  • Review of the complete production facility
  • 350-400 production metrics
  •  Full report with recommended actions to improve color execution and production consistency, including process

Brand specific Color Management and Accreditation Program (CMAP)

Since 2011, natific has been conducting audits and evaluations of suppliers to ensure that all brand color assessment specifications and approval procedures are met. 

This on-site evaluation by natific engineers is proven to:

  • Increase lab dip and production submit approval percentages
  • Improve lead times for color and product development
  • Enhance speed and convenience through electronic communication of data and mill self-approval of submits
  • Promote standardized procedures and test methods and confident color assessment
  • Provide verification by a neutral third party organization (natific AG)
Contact us to learn about the different levels of this program and to schedule an audit for your facility.
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