natific Color Certification Program

One year of CCP

“If you’re serious about improving color compliance within your company or throughout your supply chain, then the natific Color Certification Program is the perfect match.”

                Christoph Bergmann, natific Senior Partner

One year ago, natific introduced a new certification program named CCP, to address gaps in color matching competence at the vendor level. While our comprehensive natific CAP program elevates mills to global best practices in color development and production, many vendors are actually managing the color process on the suppliers’ side and these vendors need training too. CCP is a great solution for vendors who are evaluating samples on behalf of brands or on behalf of their own commission dyeing and trim suppliers.

Some top Tier 1’s and vendors have joined the CCP recently, including Eclat Textile Co. Ltd. Taiwan, WT Sourcing Peru, and Lab Tex Co. Ltd Shanghai. In total, 55 companies have CCP certification so far and there are several more in progress. natific certification programs provide on-site training from natific’s color experts to improve capabilities in recipe selection, color matching procedures, color development, and lab to bulk accuracy.  The CCP goes well beyond historical color certifications used in the industry.

“Traditional certification programs only cover areas such as proper equipment, set up and SOP’s. These are indeed important, but we recognised the knowledge gap in proper analysis of spectral data and drawing correct conclusions for decision-taking in dye selection and recipe prediction.

Our natific Auditing Engineers carry valuable expertise from the field at their fingertips so they can provide on-the-job training during the CCP on-site assessment and help dyehouses and vendors improve their color-matching efficiency.”

Christoph Bergmann, Senior Partner

Prior to the certification on-site visit, customers are given the prerequisites and assessment areas so they can prepare. WHL Sourcing & Manufacturing LTD is a fabric vendor, and their colorists did not have any experience operating a spectrophotometer or using natific systems. Our auditor, Mike Ou, visited them last August and spent time providing the required basic knowledge and training, even before the on-site. The company was left with a comprehensive plan to prepare for the CCP evaluation .

The vendor was very motivated to implement natific’s training and suggestions, and just one month later they were certified. Now their entire network benefits from their elevated color capabilities.

natific Auditor Mike Ou performing special color training with the lab technicians at Long John Vietnam

Other companies considering CCP certification may have previous experience with natific systems or certifications and require less in-advance training. Tat Fung, who previously participated in natific certifications that were brand-specific for Levi’s and Lands’ End, was able to proceed directly to their CCP on-site evaluation with Mike with little in-advance training.

When Mike arrived for the on-site evaluation, he found them well-prepared. All of the prerequisites had been confirmed prior to his arrival. The facilities and SOP documents were in place, and after analyzing and approving measurements from their current bulk lots, Tat Fung was able to pass the CCP with flying colors

According to Mike, “A benefit for the supplier is that the certification is acknowledged by numerous brands already, we are adding new brands all the time. So, the CCP is a time-efficient certification for the supplier. For brands, especially for new brands, they can easily understand a supplier’s capabilities and select certified vendors to produce their product, such as Tat Fung, via CCP.”

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