CAP Mill Profiles

Every CAP Mill around the world are specialists and leaders in their field. natific randomly selects a CAP mill to feature with a short interview.

A collaborative project
The CAP program was developed as a collaborative project between natific and retailers and has evolved to be the most comprehensive color accreditation program globally.

The program is designed to evaluate the maturity and capability of a mill, determining if a mill will be able to produce any given color to a specific tolerance. It is intended to assess, educate and help mills move towards best practice through production analysis and expert recommendations.

The ColorWarehouse is a system used within the CAP program. The system allows mills to analyze production data based on color, fabric and dyeing machine. ColorWarehouse provides mills, vendors and retailers/brands with insight into the mills daily production.

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Thai Taffeta, Thailand

Taily Dyeing & Finishing, Taiwan

Texfina S.A., Peru

Jang You Inc., South Korea

Kingwhale Corporation, Taiwan

Best Pacific Textile, China

Deltagalil, Israel

Zhejiang Charming Dyeing & Finishing, China

Nice Dyeing, China

Bestex Enterprise, Taiwan

Nan Yang Knitting Factory, Thailand

Dongguan Shatin Lake Side Textile Printing & Dyeing, China

Hua Feng Textile, China

Darlington Fabric, United States

Swisstex California, United States

Gunzetal Thread Company, China

Jan Masood, Pakistan