A summer teaser. Everyone talks about speed...

What holds you back to become faster? Well, yes… endless color development cycles and bad color matching efficiency in both lab processes and bulk production.

Leading supply chains experience another reality. Their designer ideas goes straight from the drawing board to production, with a 4-6 weeks reduced color development and up to 70% saving on fewer re-dyeing and physical submissions.

Their secret? They have transformed their bosses into leaders and changed from the old way of thinking to the new way:

Bosses & The old way of thinking               Leaders & The new way of thinking
Implement fear                                                Generates enthusiasm
Says “I”                                                            Says “we”
Uses people                                                     Develops people

Working close with your supply chain partners is a crucial part in realising a designer’s idea to get the colors right. Sounds reasonable? So now what?


Island solutions in supply chains are limited in what they can achieve, but when they are linked together the outcome is a powerful change. Advanced affordable digital color technology and knowhow has made it possible for all supply chain partners to connect and transition to a smart color supply chain.

A corner stone is training and supporting your supply chain. We asked natific’s auditors what they see as the most crucial for a mill to be able to control. This is what they said…

Train your mill to control the following and they will be the dye house of the century. With other words, they will be very very very good.
- H2O2 bleaching
- R/C
- Wet-on-wet
- Thermo-migration
- Metamerism
- Fastness
- Color centered over the digital standard

What does this mean and how can you collaborate with your mill to control this? We will be back with details and action steps during the fall.

Until then, happy summer!


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