Are you thinking about getting started with digital color communication? Ask these basic questions to your suppliers.

This is your first step towards zero lab dips and improved color matching. You do not want to wait with this, – minimum time invested, no cost, and no strings attached. While doing this, you might realize that you are already half way there.

Once you sent below questions to your suppliers (dye houses) and collected the answers, pick out some of your suppliers who are curious or already hooked on digital color to start your change journey together.

Questions you want to ask your suppliers (dye houses):

1. Do you have the ability to match digital reflectance curves and communicate color digitally?
2. Are you a mill participating in the natific Color Accreditation Program (CAP)?
3. Do you use the natific system ASAP for color development?
4. Do you use the natific system ColorWarehouse for color production?
5. Please specify any color software in use at your location:
     a. Datacolor Tools
     b. Spectrophotometer – list make and model:
     c. DataMatch
     d. IQC

     e. I-Match

     f. Other:

When you are finished with above, you might want to read this article to create a deeper understanding of the color management process in your supply chain.

We are excited to hear how it goes! Email to let us know.


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