The color of celebration - bright red

Bright Red is a favorite color for fashion textiles for the festive party season of Christmas and the New Year, and of course Santa Claus wears red too. Red will always feature big and bold in the fashion ranges regardless of being in the fashion palette.

In Asia the New Year continues with the love and use of red to celebrate – it is the color of good luck and prosperity often accented with gold.
Color fastness would be one aspect of this shade that would need to be carefully controlled.

From us to you, our Holiday gift includes some nice technical insight about this beautiful seasonal shade.

A red color that must be bright and dark often shows problems with fastness performance such as bleeding onto another material or fading on light. There are still some special dyestuffs available which are state-of-the-art and which can fulfill retailer and consumer requirements.

Would you have considered Nylosan Red S-GS for nylon, Levafix CA for cellulosics, or Terasil Red WW-3BS for polyester?

To achieve a red color such as the color “BURST” as presented by the Color Marketing Group, dyers must also select shading elements that help to maintain the high chroma, the depth and the fastness performance of above listed dyestuffs. Advanced dyers select and combine the best elements from various suppliers, which still show good dyeing combinability and also support an economic recipe.

For above mentioned dyestuff, would you have considered any of the following selections?

  • Telon Red M-GWN as shading element for Nylosan Red S-GS

  • Novacron Brilliant Red FN-3GL within a Levafix CA recipe

  • Foron Golden Yellow S-WF to make Terasil Red WW-3BS yellower

Natific best selections are solutions for dyehouses that want to optimize their dyestuff selection and be first in fulfilling all customer requirements. Interested in knowing more? Welcome to contact us on

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