“As a buyer, we source fabric and garments from various locations around the world and it’s very important for us to maintain color consistency for all those garments prior to leaving the factory before going on shelf for sale.

ColorWarehouse allows me to compare the same color from multiple suppliers and to track color coordination and consistency for the first of production as well as all subsequent production lots.”
/ Vikas Ekhande, Senior Color Technologist

Vikas Ekhande, Senior Color Technologist 

natific launched the first version of the web-enabled system ColorWarehouse a decade ago. The system serves as a B2B platform for retailers and brands and their manufacturing partners to manage, monitor and benchmark all color related data uploaded by connected suppliers.

“There are no other integrated solutions like the ColorWarehouse that we’ve ever seen.” / Bob Chin, Director of Color & Print Operations and Marielle Newman, Manager of Color & Print Analytics, Under Armour

ColorWarehouse has been the industry-first solution for Color Managers to benchmark the performance of dye houses around the globe.

“The ColorWarehouse is the most user-friendly software I have ever come across in my 20-year career with the textile industry.”
/ Vikas Ekhande, Senior Color Technologist

Its easy-to-use dashboard system brings peace of mind for all those Color Managers required to process incoming color and testing data from industrial production.

ColorWarehouse offers smart functions that provide the most powerful statistics Colorists and Sourcing departments need in today’s world in order to make the right decisions to orchestrate the performance of their material suppliers.

“ColorWarehouse is great because it’s a web-based system that we can access from anywhere without installing software. It’s integrated with the color workflow so it’s easy to use for our suppliers.

The system allows us complete transparency into the color performance of our CAP accredited mills without requiring them to submit physical bulk lots.”
/ Bob Chin, Director of Color & Print Operations and Marielle Newman, Manager of Color & Print Analytics, Under Armour

Talking with a diverse group of ColorWarehouse users
, retailers/brands, suppliers, and dye houses, here’s a summary of what they had to say about the key benefits of ColorWarehouse and online color data management:

• Traceability of bulk lot color for ourselves
• Transparency of bulk lot color for our Tier 1 suppliers
• Track performance by color, dyeing machine, and fabric type
• It’s easy to evaluate the performance of each supplier using statistical analysis of production over a given time period
• It helps us to make an objective assessment of the supplier’s quality
• It’s real-time, we can immediately work on production that does not meet quality standards
• Accountability for the CAP accredited mills

We have interviewed some of the people behind the creation of the ColorWarehouse about why it is crucial to work with color data in the supply chain and what it is that makes ColorWarehouse unique. Keep an eye out for the next natific news!

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