How designers get the advantage of feasible digital color standards – how to get them and do natific do this?

Yes, natific has experts who carry out feasibility checks and if needed we create an optimized digital color standard curve that can be matched again and again by the supplier.

This is how you go about: 

1. The designer decides for a color and material.

2. Prior to sending the request to your supplier, you send the physical fabric (should be 20 cm x 14 cm) and/or a qtx-file to our support team at At the same time, we also need to know:
1) your primarily, secondary and third light source
2) your color performance criteria (fastness performance etc.)
3) material composition(s)
4) if possible, dyeing process to be used for each material (exhaust dyeing, continuous dyeing, spindye, printing)

3. We will send you the optimized color standard (a qtx-file) together with the feasibility report. The qtx-file will be your new color standard. You can send this same standard to your supplier also next season and to as many suppliers as you wish.

4. Send the qtx-file digitally to your supplier to start matching the color. If needed, we can also advice dyestuff recommendation and recipe to your supplier.

5. Enjoy!

A question that comes up time and time again for brands and retailers when talking about the digital path is how to ensure a good physical standard. We usually advise that digital prints on calibrated printers can meet a short-term design need, if needed for storyboards and similar.

Important PS. If you are new to digital color communication and qtx-files, we recommend a workshop to get a good understanding and smooth start. We are glad to carry out a training for you and your team at your headoffice, at your supplier, or at any of our offices.

Let us know when you are ready. Click YES and write that you would like us to carry out a feasibility check and we will get right back to you.


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