Imagine what could happen if you include color in your PLM

You now have the ability to manage the complete lifecycle of a color, from design concept to customer, interlinked with your existing PLM for a simple workflow.

natific’s Color Lifecycle Management (CLM™) stream-lines the information flow related to your color development and execution.

The basic principle of CLM™

By connecting systems, development and production samples, humans, and machines, businesses can create intelligent color networks along the entire supply chain that can control each color process autonomously.

natific’s CLM systems communicate and cooperate with each other and with humans in real time via the Internet allowing both internal and cross-organizational data and services to be used by participants in the supply chain.

Picture this
In a CLM™ supply chain 1) color feasibility is checked in design to eliminate colors that cannot meet the requirements in production and an optimized reflectance curve is created, and 2) requests are sent to suppliers systematically and links are created to automatically update color status, cancellations, approvals, and changes. 3) In addition to real-time status of your seasonal color development, conditional monitoring components allow you to gain awareness of problems and to be proactive early in seasonal development or production.

Furthermore, 4) peer-to-peer comparison and fusion of color information from various garment components provides a precise prediction of color coordination issues and forces color managers to trigger required improvements at the best possible time to minimize last minute “Best Can Do” approvals.

The obvious benefits
Besides direct cost and time savings, improved quality results are experienced because of autonomous control and prediction of issues.

The administrative time savings to enter and communicate color approval data for the brand and supplier are significant. Timely communication of cancelled requests offers huge savings in color development dollars spent because the systems communicate frequently and speak the same color language.

Daily status updates, seasonal color development metrics, and buy ready status are always kept up to date for use by the brand and their suppliers. Monthly reports take minutes instead of hours or days.

Production results versus your color and fastness standards are monitored and provide notifications when corrective action might be needed.

CLM™ – A set of products and services
A network of systems and users are connected and integrated in a CLM™ supply chain:
1. Color Buckets to capture a color and to set up and share seasonal palettes, together with Voodoo to ensure feasible color standards and create optimized reflectance curves
2. ASAP to issue, track, and manage the color development requests and process
3. ColorWarehouse to monitor and manage production color and testing results and ColorWarehouse Network for dyehouses to connect with vendors and garment manufacturers to collaborate on production results
4. The brand’s PLM system

“We see a world of production where everything is interlinked with
everything else. The network possibilities are growing at a rapid
pace, supply chain participants that do not join will be left behind.”

/ Magnus Kanholt, CEO, natific

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