Quick-guide: how to implement the color path of your dreams

- Higher efficiency and shorter lead time
- Great saving of airfreight charges, extra labor, re-dyeing and re-work
- Improved managing and resolving of root-cause color errors
- Better focus on the quality of the color, fabric and end-product

How do you want your supply chain to perform?

This is your quick guide how to create consistent shades in close tolerances over multiple batches.


No matter how nice a tradition may be, this is not the path you want to go for your color processes. Let's look at the fast track in above illustration and see what tools you need to make things happen.

1. Know or improve the outcome of your color and quality
Fast track tool: Color Feasibility Study (this is your foundation to move on)

2. Send a feasible digital color standard (qtx-file)
Fast track tool: natific Optimized Standard Curve (nOSC) for all color standards that aren't feasible (colors should only be matched against a digital standard)

3. Color training and a color SOP that is used by all supply chain participants
Fast track tool: Digital color communication training/workshop and a Color Standard Operating Procedure (this step is essential)

4. Communicate, manage and store all color developments in one system
Fast track tool: the ASAP system (this gives you and your supply chain partners the perfect overview)

5. Suppliers are trained with the goal to eliminate lab dips
Fast track tool: the Color Accreditation Program (CAP) (here is where things really start to happen)

6. Monitor the total production performance in real-time
Fast track tool: the ColorWarehouse system (for a good night sleep)

A detailed step-by-step plan

We have developed a detailed step-by-step plan for brands & retailer and vendors & suppliers to get on the Fast Track and execute the Smart Color Supply Chain.

Brands & Retailers – Get your step-by-step plan HERE

Vendors & Suppliers – Get your step-by-step plan HERE

We are looking forward to help you take action and guide you along the way. Contact natific's support team at support@natific.com when you are ready to know more or get started.