Hurray! One of our first adopters signed to be a preferred partner

Nice Dyeing Factory Ltd (Texwinca) in Guangdong, China, is one of the first adopters of our Color Accreditation Program (CAP) and using our software ColorWarehouse. The CAP Program is a process to eliminate the need for labdips and to provide a more effective, efficient and sustainable way to manage risks in color development.

We are happy to announce that Nice Dyeing has signed a Preferred Partner Package, to secure further advantage.

Experienced straight to production privileges (no labdips) since 2008
The Nice Dyeing have benefitted from straight-to-production privileges since the CAP Program was rolled out in 2008. Participating mills in the CAP program consistently say that they achieve both operational and financial benefits, such as:

  • Reduction of color development time by 4-6 weeks

  • Savings on multiple re-dyeing and airfreight deliveries

With the Preferred Partner Package, Nice Dyeing and participating retailers and brands will continue to benefit from our comprehensive annual certification services and software packages. Our engineering team will also support Nice Dyeing with technical advice with regards to dyestuff selection and recipe and process optimization.

In addition to this, we are glad to announce that Nice Dyeing will proceed with our ASAP system (Automated Sample Approval Portal. ASAP is used to manage all lab dyeing and color samples requested by retailers and brand.

What if we cut out some parts...
The common color development process often goes in circles. Our software and annual certification services can streamline the development process, increase the accuracy and precision of production for your suppliers, and finally eliminate lab dip submission.

Christoph Bergmann, Chief of Service Operations at Natific, say:

“We are very proud to acknowledge that the management of Nice Dyeing Factory Ltd. and all relevant team members are committed to a closer collaboration with us to further increase effectiveness and efficiency including sustainability best practice at the production site. Nice Dyeing shows a very proactive approach towards professional quality and compliance management.”

Who are Nice Dyeing?
Nice Dyeing is one of the largest textile fabric producers in the world, established in 1975, and since 1992 listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. The group is mainly providing yarn dyeing, fabric knitting, dyeing and finishing services and the production and sales of dyed yarns, raw fabrics and finished knitted fabrics.

The fully vertical integrated operations enable Nice Dyeing to provide efficient and cost-effective services with great flexibility in choosing from any one or a combination of its services and a variety of raw fabrics and finished knitted fabrics. The company sales network covers the US, Europe and Asia, which include several well-known international brands.

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