Your guide – when to secure and improve on your garments

Your garments and textile products can be checked and improved on at one or several stages in the production process. Finding and foreseeing potential issues and to correct them early during production will save you from not accepting lower quality to be delivered to the stores or expensive re-work after the products left the factory. Good communication and continuously follow up on site will help you to minimize defects, secure time of delivery and reduce workers overtime.

A Quality Inspection is usually carried out during one or several of below stages at the garment manufacturer.

Fabric Inspection - prior to production
We can inspect your raw material that will be used in the production. Prior to the production, we can also make sure your factory representative understands your requests and potential issues by reviewing the pre-production sample together with the product specification.

Early and Midline Inspection - during production
The target of this inspection is to find out problems including potential problems during production. An Early Inspection can be performed upon production of the first 5% samples produced from bulk and a Midline Inspection upon production of 40% produced from bulk.

Final Inspection - after production

This inspection is a good tool for approving all aspects of the production. A Final inspection takes place when 100% completed finishing and at least 80% of the ordered quantity is packed.

natific has developed a Pre-Final Inspection. This inspection is carried out when 80% of total bulk finished and some products are packed. It makes it possible to see as much as possible of the final bulk production while still allowing time for adjustments.

(If you want to go for the Pre-Final Inspection instead of the Final Inspection, be aware of the limitations when not being able to choose samples from the total production.)


If you are new to inspections, a bit rusty, or just would like to make sure you are updated on the procedure, read our step-by-step guide how we work with Quality Inspections.

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