Meet Choy-Foong and work proactively at your textile & garment manufacturer

Finding and foreseeing potential issues and to correct them early during the production will save you from not accepting lower quality to be delivered to the stores or expensive re-work after the products left the factory. natific carry out Quality Inspections at any stage in the production process to secure and improve your garments and textile products.

Choy-Foong Wong is our newest team member and your main point of contact to make this smooth for you.

I’m Choy-Foong

Hi, I made a short video presentation for you to get to know me a bit. Please bear with me since I am not too used to stand in front of the camera! I am based at our headquarter in Basel, Switzerland, only an email ( or phone call away. Pick a language you prefer, I speak English, German, Mandarin and Cantonese, and connect with me, – I am looking forward hearing from you.


A step-by-step guide – how we'll work together with Quality Inspections
Our procedure prior, during and after a Quality Inspection is the same as before, however I wanted to guide you if you are new to inspections, a bit rusty, or just would like to make sure you are updated on the procedure.

  1. If you are new to natific’s Quality Inspections, we like to get to know you and your quality level. This is also something we will develop over time through a close collaboration with you and your suppliers. We will also dedicate one of our Quality Inspectors to you.

  2. Send your seasonal Quality Inspection booking request to me, using the natific QI booking sheet (if you don’t have this, let me know and I will email the sheet to you). If you would like our advice with the planning of type of inspections or other, don’t hesitate to ask me.

  3. I will contact your suppliers to plan the inspections, and keep you updated on a regular basis.

  4. Email your style instructions to me and send approved sample to us (if possible also a fabric & trim chart). The inspection is based on your specification, highlights and sample together with the natific checklist.

  5. During the inspection, we will perform tests such as checking attachment strength of trims and count number of stitching for the main stitching, and look for visual defects for the following areas:
    - Making
    - Finishing
    - Accessories
    - Labels
    - Measurements
    - Fabric and material
    - Color and print
    - Packaging and packing
    While being on site, we can also pick samples from the production and send to you or to a lab for testing.

  6. The standard we use during an inspection is adjusted to fit your needs and your product. It reduces the risk of non-quality products while optimizing the checking process. Checking 100% of the quantity would be both long and expensive, but checking only a few pieces might not be enough to maintain desired quality level. We use General Inspection Level II, AQL 2.5 for major defects and 4.0 for minor defects, if nothing else is specified.

  7. Before we leave the factory we will go over the findings and potential future issues on site together with your factory representative.

  8. When the inspection is completed, you will receive a Quality Inspection Report. The highlighted areas of defects found including photos will allow you to quickly understand how your production looks like and where improvements/confirmations are needed, for you to easy decide on actions together with your supplier.

  9. After a season of inspections, we will follow up on the inspections together and plan for the coming.

Would you like to know when you can secure and improve on your products? Check out the Quality Inspection Time Line here.

Are you new to Quality Inspections? We have a team in China that is happy to help you on site, contact us at to learn more.


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