The New CAP Members Of 2017

natific welcomed 19 new dye houses to the Color Accreditation Program during 2017.

The dye houses who joined the CAP program are trained to deliver maximum efficiency throughout the supply chain. They can expect reduced color development costs (up to 70%), reduced lead-time (4-6 weeks), improved color quality, and support of sustainability goals. The typical ROI for a dye house is 3 months to 1 year on color development savings alone.


Apex (Zhejiang) Textile Co., Ltd. (China)
Cheng Horng Industrial Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
Ds Vina Co., Ltd. (Vietnam)
Ducksan Ecotex (Korea)
Ducksan Vina Co., Ltd. (Vietnam)
E.C.I. Elastic Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
Kolon Fashion Material (Korea)
Kun-Profit Enterprise Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
Mex Mode S.A DE C.V. (Mexico)
Milteks Tekstil San. Tic. A.S-Marsan (Turkey)
Onechange Material Co., Ltd. (Korea)
Paxar Packaging (Guangzhou) Ltd. (China)
PT. Selim Textile (Indonesia)
Shahi Exports Pvt Ltd (India)
Shinil Textile Co.Ltd. (Korea)
Sunny Special Dyeing & Finishing Co., Ltd (Taiwan)
Textufil S.A de C.V. (El Salvador)
Thai Taffeta Co., Ltd. (Thailand)
Thainamsiri Intertex Co., Ltd. (Thailand)


From reactive to proactive:

As part of the CAP program and natific’s ColorWarehouse system, dye houses will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Gather production quality data and track performance in one transparent system (ColorWarehouse)
  • Real-time production monitoring
  • Production consistency by dyeing machine
  • Monitor production scale-up accuracy to approved lab-dips
  • Accuracy of the color standard used
  • Production accuracy and precision, color continuity over time
  • Approval Form to provide color conformance lot-by-lot
  • Overview of all production sites
  • Share production results with garment manufacturers and other tier one manufacturers
  • Demonstrate process capabilities to key or new customers

The CAP program is acknowledged by all participating brands and retailers, which means that the same accreditation covers all brands.

Email and ask our support team for the full list and details of all the benefits.

Warmest regards from Switzerland!

natific AG

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