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Results from the natific newsletter survey


Thanks to all of you who answered the survey, we now have a better understanding how to give you even more value through the natific newsletter.

Here are some of the highlights:

90% of you enjoy and look forward to reading the natific news, and 70% feel that the information is important or highly important. This is a great indicator that we are on the right track!

It’s there to take action on
It’s a team effort to get consistent, accurate and precise colors through the whole supply chain. Things that can be improved at the supplier might need awareness or a push from the retailer and vice versa.

One of our aims with the natific news is that the information you receive is useful on a practical level. Not just informative, but actionable. We are glad to read that more than half take action and improve based on the information provided.

This encourages us to continue to create even better natific news. We have a lot of valuable knowledge that we want to share and hope you take advantage of!

Share with colleagues and partners
Most of you sometimes or often share the news with colleagues and partners. We were asked if we could attach a pdf-download to print the newsletter to have it circulate in the company. Here are some options to help you share across your network:

  • It’s possible to print the email directly or to click on “read the natific news in your browser” in the top left corner of the news and then print the webpage.
  • Click on the “forward to a friend” link that you will find in the bottom of each newsletter. The link will take you to a page where you write your friend’s email. Your friend will receive that specific natific news only.
  • Help your friend to subscribe to the natific news by forwarding a newsletter and tell her/him to click on the “subscribe here” link, which can be found in the bottom of each newsletter. Or tell your friend to sign up using this link:
This is what you like!

We learned that you like to get practical tips to take action and get inspiration and ideas from case studies and interviews.

We always love hearing from our clients and partners and we want to keep telling your stories within our community. We understand that some may not be able to share proprietary information but please continue to let us know if we have permission to publish your wins.

Your top 3 topics are:
1. Color consistency, accuracy, precision
2. Management of color standards/requests/developments
3. Training and standard operation procedures for suppliers

We are excited to fulfill your wishes and write more about this!

Looking forward seeing you soon in upcoming natific news.


your natific team

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