[Video] Part 2/3: Practical Tips To Speed Up Your Supply Chain

This is how you can reduce at least half of your lab dips! At no cost.

You probably already know what we think about lab dipping, that it’s one of the big unnecessary evils. Costly, time-consuming and environmentally heavy.

And, it doesn’t even guarantee that you will get matching colors in the stores.

On the road towards total elimination, some lab dipping is needed since it’s not advised to reduce all lab dips at once and because some colors and materials are not yet possible to do digital.

Our second hand-on tips will not cost your mill anything, it’s about making the most of what’s already available!

Watch this short clip to learn how to reduce at least half of the lab dips, instead of 7 only 3!


Click PLAY on the video to get our advice how to reduce at least half of your lab dips!


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Video transcript: Software… you have the nice match software and everybody is using it very well, but there are so many other things that you can use it for. Therefore, it would be interesting to get the training from Datacolor. They will tell them everything how to use the software, about the color correction, the primaries, how to include them correctly, different fabrics… Because you could reduce about at least half of the lab dips, instead of making 7 you make only 3. That’s a big improvement! And even if it’s mostly small fabrics many are also big pieces, they cost energy, people’s work, dyestuff… And you cannot sell the lab dips, you do not make any money of them. So, what do you do in the end, you throw them away. Why not to reduce, and it’s easy to reduce if you use the software. This is no investment of money, you already have the equipment.

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