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Natific AG helps the world’s largest textile companies, and sometimes Hollywood superheroes

Natific AG has been in a prominent role to costume a Hollywood movie. The main character, The Captain, in the latest Marvel Movie “Captain America – The Winter Soldier” was helped by Natific to stay cool.

One of Natific’s main customer, the US-based sportswear manufacturer Under Armour has made a t-shirt with a special body-cooling effect, called Aqua X. Natific played a key role in executing the production of the t-shirt, requiring intensive R&D work at the Head Office in Switzerlandand and on-site in Asia by overseeing and supporting work at the mill.

“It is an honor for us to be part of a Hollywood movie, a proof that our know-how is world-class and a great example of successful global supply chain relationships where several parties contribute with their expertise”,says Natific’s Chief Technical Officer Andreas Roth.

Natific creates confidence in the global world or textiles
Despite a successful debut in the movie business, Natific continues to focus on the textile and apparel industry. Textile supply chains are becoming increasingly challenging due to multiple season collections while requiring more efficient and sustainable production routines without sacrificing on the aesthetic and design. Natific tackle these challenges by focusing on proactive work and continuous improvements including mutual understanding at textile retailers, brands and suppliers.

“The clothing industry is in a transition. Color and quality compliance, chemically clean, environmentally friendly, and social compliant products require product managers who better understand the technicality of their products, and who utilize state-of-the-art tools for their everyday work. After the collapse of the Rana Plaza factory building in Bangladesh in spring 2013, major clothing companies have paid closer attention to their supply chain management. Our services help our clients to bring the confidence”, CEO Magnus Kanholt states.

Andreas Roth continues to explain, “We can spot various risks throughout supply chains around the globe. This is possible with local expertise and a global overview, having specialists working on-site at and with retailers, brands and suppliers, together with extended visibility through our IT-system solutions”.

About Natific AG
By connecting and empowering textile supply chains, Natific build a genetic confidence throughout the supply chains of efficiency and sustainability. Enabling all participants to be transparent, proactive and to work with continuous improvements, with focus on well anticipated and managed risks and opportunities. Being located in Europe, United States and Asia with specialized interdisciplinary cross-cultural teams, for long-term and direct improvements at textile suppliers and throughout the supply chain. It is done through an interlacement of IT-system solutions and industry experts on-site within:

  • Color Management
  • Quality Compliance
  • Chemicals and Hazardous Substances
  • Environmental Conditions
  • Social Compliance

Since the year 2008, Natific’s system and services have been used by the world’s best know international textile and fashion brands such as Hugo Boss, Adidas, Target, Under Armour, Lands’ End and Nike.

Natific has had an approximately growth of 20% per year for the last years and the forecast looks bright. “It is amazing that nearly all the large textile and fashion brands are our customers. We will continue to grow at a fast pace and keep investing to develop new products. We have the knowledge to revolutionize the clothing industry.”, CEO Magnus Kanholt says.

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