A new way to assess white

The natific ColorWarehouse has become the industry-first solution for benchmarking the performance of dye houses around the globe. Up to now, the ColorWarehouse has only been a solution for color management, but not for whites. Now we have a solution for assessing whites with three new natific-engineered whiteness indices.

Achieve better, more accurate whites.

It is now easier to determine and examine the specific white requirements and requests from retailers. This function is managed from the natific ColorWarehouse, adding another dimension of analysis to the system.

This technology is first of its kind and available to our ColorWarehouse users who want to save development time and money while achieving better whites.

2 traditionals whiteness indices

  • CIE Whiteness Index (WCIE)
  • CIE Tint Index (TCIE)
  • 3 new whiteness indices

  • The new Fluorescence Index: nWF3  (natific White Fluorescence)
  • The new Bluing Index: nWB3  (natific Bluing Index)
  • The new Intrinsic Shade Index: nWIS1  (natific Intrinsic Shade Index)