Some people find it hard to believe – Case Study CWN

Some people find it hard to believe.

But it’s a fact.

Working proactive and predictive with colors make life easier. This is true for designers who choose and specify colors, merchandisers, buyers and technicians who manage the administration and approval of colors, vendors, and respectively management team.

Digital color communication is the only way to move forward with colors in 2017.

We are determined to prove this to you.

In a case study, APS Global LLC noted a potential saving of 95% of their time. The ColorWarehouse feature ColorWarehouse Network also helps them with shade variations and to build stronger relationships with their partners.

“It’s a click on at button and
violá, we see everything.”

The team at APS need the fabric supplier’s test reports with color and quality results for each batch. It was a constant follow-up and took a lot of time, says Jeanne Paule from APS Global LLC.

Are you evaluating time saving options in your textile supply chain? Email our support team at with any question or to request a demo.

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