Data Or Die (Part 4) –Client Video Interview with Swisstex


natific Senior Partner Christoph Bergmann visited the dye house Swisstex in California, USA, to learn how the natific system ColorWarehouse has helped them improve their supply chain transparency and color consistency.

Swisstex specializes in dyeing jersey fabric, supplying international and local retailers and brands since 1997. The dye house has been using ColorWarehouse for the last 6 years.

“Our color consistency got better thanks to the transparency
in ColorWarehouse. It’s so easy to use, we see the production
in a way that no other system shows it.” 

/ Tomas Braun, Dye House Operations Manager, Swisstex



Click play to see a 3-minute video interview with Tomas Braun, Dye House Operations Manager at Swisstex.

Data or Die.


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